Where is CrossFit South Park Downtown Los Angeles?

Where is CrossFit South Park Downtown Los Angeles?

CrossFit Smiley Streets

CrossFit Smiley Streets Downtown Los Angeles is the newest box to open under the Los Angeles Health & Fitness umbrella established in 2006. We are the partner box to the infamous CrossFit Mean Streets which was established in 2009. We are conviently located close to the staples center, los angeles convention center and the condos close by. You can simply walk to our location in less than 10 minutes, drive on down or jump on the metro rail blue line train that stops at Pico and S. Flower St.


What does CrossFit South Park Downtown LA Offer?

We offer the most balanced workout rountines that you wont find at any other fitness facility in the los angeles area. The owner Ronnie Teasdale is a top former top CrossFit competitor and current trainer to multi-sport athletes today. With a degree in exercise science and 12 certifications in specified training regimes. Our training staff cares about your progression in the sport of fitness and will instruct you every step of the way in order to increase results and aid in your growth.

How Much Does Crossfit South Park Cost?

We offer you 7 Days FREE to experience our facility, community and our coaching staff. After your 7 day free trial is complete you can decide which plan works best for you. Our pricing plans start at $149 per month. Of course we offer discounted rates to students, military personnel and law enforcement workers. For starters our training program is better than what you will receive at any gym in Downtown Los Angeles and we want to show exactly how we can achieve that by offering you a 7 Day FREE trial of our facility once your through with your trial period we let you decide which plan works best for you. We also don’t try to hard sell you into any plan because we want to allow our training and allow your experience speak for itself.


Does CrossFit South Park DTLA Have Personal Training?

If you would like to work with a personal trainer at CrossFit South Park we also offer that option for you. We understand that everyone is different, but we also believe that you receive a different experience when you also WOD with a class. By becoming part of a group you become accountable to that group and your chances for success increase many times over.

Does CrossFit South Park Downtown Los Angeles Have Boot Camp?

The fun and amazing part about CrossFit South Park DTLA at Smiley Streets was just stated above and it is the fact that when you are part of a group your chances for success increase many times fold. See we believe that fitness and certain aspects of life are a team game. We believe that boot camps south park downtown la offers you something but it has been our experience that CrossFit gets you better results, helps you get fitter faster and develops your core like you have never experienced before.

CrossFit Smiley Streets
1377 S. Flower St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 308-1358