These are real life testimonials by real clients:

“When I think of Ronnie’s training methods, one word comes to mind. Innovation! In my life I have had some nine trainers, most were, horrible and lacked basic core anatomic and physiologic knowledge. Ronnie thinks through the situation(s) and uniquely fashions it to the client’s own particular needs. I never know from session to session if I shall be performing traditional weight training with specified sets vs. a kick ass cardio workout for thirty minutes with no breaks or the most challenging “superman” workouts! His kickboxing class….can we talk-if you wish to develop your endurance, build your core, and learn how to defend yourself, I dare you to take the class! He has helped me lose 42 lbs which i have kept off over 18 months, plus i have learned more about my inner spiritual self through his tutelage!”


“It was the spring of 2007 and after 50 years, I decided it was time to do something positive for my health. While I have always been thin all of my life, I was now “fighting” rheumatoid arthritis and was diagnosed as being borderline osteoporosis.
With Ronnie, communication has been important. Having never worked out in my life, I needed to let Ronnie know when I was “sore” and when I was “hurt”. Initially, there were many days of being sore, as I was working with muscles that had not been used for a while. Today, because we have worked on all parts of my body over these nearly two years, I am rarely sore. Before we start, we always do a quick check-in. If the arthritis is acting up and my hands or wrists are swollen, Ronnie readjusts my workouts for that day. I wear a sports brace as we work out. This is a safety issue for me. As we workout, Ronnie can see which way my muscles are working, and can tell me if I’m doing an exercise incorrectly. Form is critical in order to reap the maximum benefit of each exercise.
In September 2007, an MRI revealed a hairline fracture in the bone behind the left knee cap (unrelated to Ronnie’s training). The doctor said I could no longer walk as a form of exercise. With Ronnie, we have worked on strengthening the ligaments around the knee cap and because of this; we have been able to recently return the treadmill to the exercise regiment.
Thanks to Ronnie, despite being in my 50’s, he has given me a body that someone in her 30’s would be jealous of. I am not embarrassed to wear a bikini. In fact, I know I look good in a bikini, thanks to Ronnie. I am no longer embarrassed to wear sleeveless tops. The arms now have shape and there are no flags to wave.
In addition to working out, we talk about drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. I now try to eat breakfast regularly and have included more fruits and vegetables into my diet.
If you are not committed to making a difference in your health, no one can do anything for you. However, if you are committed to living a healthier you, Ronnie will lead you down that path.


“After over a year of training with Ronnie, approximately 3X per week, I am still amazed that each session is still customized just for me! I am more fit, in better shape and in better health than I ever was in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. His passion for fitness, his professionalism, facilities and honesty cannot be compared to any other training environment in or around Los Angeles.”


“Ronnie has delivered a well thought out program based upon my fitness goals. I’m pushed hard every time and leave the sessions feeling extraordinarily good. My strength and power have improved in only 1 month and I’m eager to work hard for more results. Ronnie has a great demeanor and I’m lucky to have found him.”


“So, I began training with Ronnie about four or five months ago. I was not in bad shape before, but definitely had reached a point where I felt stuck, and wanted more. I guess I kind of also have always had some body image problems, so it was hard for me on my own to figure out how to proceed. Ronnie is a great trainer. Not only because he definitely knows what he is doing, but he actually seems to care. I never feel like just another “client”, with the clock being watched the whole time throughout our workouts. As, for the results, well, it is pretty impressive. My body has drastically changed, and although I still probably don’t see what others do, I’m definitely not as uncomfortable to show it off. The workouts never get boring or stagnant, as he changes them constantly as my level changes. We are always trying and learning new things. I guess to sum this up, is that I thought about getting a trainer for a long time, and I couldn’t have lucked out anymore than finding Ronnie. Plus, he’s a pretty great guy too”.


Joe and Ronnie

Joe and Ronnie

The following are not testimonials. They are word for word unprompted texts and emails from clients of. These people recognized that having a great body is not just for looks, it’s for life!

“Thank you both for teaching me so much – about doing the moves in a technically correct way, about understanding fitness, and about discipline, mental toughness, and challenging oneself.”

“….got me thinking all the way home, and I just wanted to say thank you Ronnie for practically saving my life. I mean I’m just so damn thankful that I have the opportunity to know you and learn from you. And yes I absolutely love crossfit. I mean, I could be doing drugs, or be an alcoholic with all the shit I have to deal with on a daily basis. I just want you to know (cause I probably won’t say it again) that I am forever grateful to you and you are like the big brother I never had.”

“Ronnie, thanks for such a great workout today! I have so much respect and admiration for you! Thank you!”

“…I am carpooling to work now so i can’t stay in la after work… Just wanted to say mean streets is the best crossfit gym around. I’ve visited 4 in my area and i have been very disappointed. I will be joining crossfit _______ because it is the closest to my location, but nobody goes out to competitions and unlike Mean Streets they strictly use WOD from the website. Mean Streets is just on a completely different level.”

From someone who just moved out of town: “i went to two in city, city, and city and none of them have been to the caliber of meanstreet … is there one gym that you know people personally so i can stop “trying” out these gyms”….”True very true, hopefully I will move back to the area in a year or two and hopefully rejoin meanstreet”

“Okay…I just left the gym. I did 45 min on the stairmaster at a speed of 7. 4.15 miles/199 floors!! Ronnie…Thanks for your motivation…I’m a better person already ; )”

“Ronnie, thanks for being so supportive to my goals & your commitment to help me get healthier, stronger and flexible. I appreciate that.”

“Thanks Ronnie! I very much appreciate your help in getting me closer to a healthier life and lifestyle. I am glad I can do this cleanse & hope I make it through!! Wow, I am so hungry!!!! See u in am. I’m thankful to have found a trainer like you.”

“You’re so amazing and you are responsible for me buying 20 something clothes. But, it is working for me! yeah baby!”

(after one month, 12 sessions)“Seems I lost 12 pounds since we started…That’s badass!”

“Hey Ronnie! I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome work out today. I truly feel amazing after every session. You are by far, the best trainer I’ve ever had-you have a great skill and passion for helping people…so thanks!”

” I have seen many personal trainers, doctors, weightwatchers etc… to lose weight and crossfit with you have been the best by far.”

“This(CrossFit) is the only thing I look forward to all day, even though it’s so awful. I look at the blog in the morning and wait all day until I can come do it.”

“Thank you so much for training me for the last year, I have learned so much from you, not only in regards to fitness but in overall health and nutrition, and definitely have noticed major changes in my body.”

CrossFit Mean Streets
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