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“The Lioness of DTLA”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd
By Christopher Piñedo

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

Amani Floyd wears many hats, last year one of those hats placed her 21st at the SoCal regionals. In addition to her 40 hour week in academia, Amani spends up to 20hrs per week training as though the world hadn’t told her to stop.

Just before regionals last year Amani began feeling unusual soreness and pain that she simply attributed to strenuous training. As the pain continued on after regionals she sought to better understand why her body wasn’t healing or operating as it once did. Amani was soon after diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that causes inflation of the joints and surrounding tissue. This was a much different weight she now had pressing overhead.

Amani was quickly faced with the effects of this condition hindering her performance and mental state. The wrists became more and more sore, push-ups became a foot on her back, anything overhead was out. Her gymnastics suffered, handstands became painful. The feet began to swell and wrists ache. When she confided in others with the condition they strongly urged her not to continue on with CrossFit. Fortunately Amani was consoled by a Doctor who assured her that she could, with the right medication, get back to competing. The medication would take over 2 months to get her back to health which forced a leave of absence.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd Box

“I had to change the way I view pain. It was no longer the discomfort I was pushing through but the risk of joints deteriorating. I had to listen even closer to my body.”

I ask her what got her through, why come back with such risk and certain pain.

“It’s really important to me, I’ve never been a quitter and I refused to be defined by the condition.”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Class

She wasn’t sure she’d make it back to a regional condition, but this season, despite her obstacles, she’s surprised even herself. She said the hard part was dealing with her condition while others were getting better, the competition more steep.

All her life she’s been competing, since middle school she’s been involved in competitive sports. State Champ, all American, 400meter, a runner at heart, competitor to the bone. She continues to press on a quarter mile at a time towards new frontiers of both the physical and mental realms.

“I’m a little crazy. It takes a certain type of personality to do this all the time. The schooling wears me out, but I like being competitive, intellectually and physically. At about 23 or 24 years old a woman has to decide which way they want their life and body to go, I wanted to stay fit, heathy, be mentally balanced, and it may sound shallow, but look good.”

“The quote that constantly goes through my mind is something Ronnie would tell me while training;
‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself.’
It’s simple, but it’s what I needed, and I tell myself that every time things get tough.”

Amani’s current standing in the 2014 Crossfit Open is 41st in Southern California. Going into 14.5 it would be safe to assume that all roads lead to regionals.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Handstand

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

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