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For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls.

“For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls”

by Christopher Piñedo 


Basile Beaty, 27 years old, Beaty like Warren Beaty, as in the outlaw Clyde.

The first time I saw Basile Beaty, I was certain that he was Thor. I was coming to a gym and being trained by fuckin’ Thor, I was sold. He would come in with two giant thunderous dogs or on the lightning of a Harley. He was very real, a product of his ambition and his askew perspective of the world.

How it all began.

“I came here because I saw the kettlebells on the website. There was no other reason I came here. I saw a picture of kettlebells and checked it out. I had never done a fundamentals class. I would just watch Ronnie and Andrea do stuff, and I’d copy them. Soon after I went to Waxman’s and hit Olympic lifting hard.”


Beaty is always stoic. His internal strength has formed into an external Greek-like physique. His education looms around him as he walks through the gym, as though an alchemist forming metal only to lift it.

On competition.

“Before competing I was just happy that I found a community. I don’t know how I feel about competition now. We only do the major competitions, the small ones don’t serve a large purpose anymore but it’s something everyone should do once or twice. My approach is mental. I’ve never been the best physically. When I used to run, it was often that after the first straight away, if someone was behind, they’d give up. After the first straight away I never gave up, even if I was far behind. I’d catch up.”


How do you you balance everything you have going on?

“I came to California as a PhD student. I wasn’t training as much as other competitors. I wasn’t expecting to make regionals my first year. I was training alongside Ryan Fischer when he used to work at Mean Streets, and that helped push me. This quarter is the first time I’ve had the ability to train as much as I’d like to. You learn how to manage time when you do Ivy and 3 sports. My hangout time was talking in the shower for 20 min. I associate this with academics, my approach. You just get better at managing time. When I had to read 1,000 pages a week for my PhD, I wouldn’t stop training.”

What are your expectations going into regionals?

“I never really know how I’m gonna do going into regionals. The workouts always change. Last year I got two top 10 scores and then really bad placements. I can’t necessarily compete with these big guys and heavy weights.”

Where are you at right now with CrossFit and who you are?

“Right now I’m really happy with the amount of time I’m putting into my education, I feel like I’m on the cusp of big things. I like CrossFit because there is a lot of intellect behind it. Kinesthetic awareness. I like regionals because I like competing with the best in the region. I’d love to go on a team, I love that aspect.”


If you could, what would you tell a young Basile walking in to the gym for the first time? Would you yell at him? Would you whisper?

“I wouldn’t yell at him, I’d tell him;

Focus on your weaknesses first.”

You can see in his eyes that his mind runs faster than the world. As though he were the fastest runner there ever was, stuck behind a vast populous of average runners. Continually trying to make way.

I don’t know if CrossFit has Basile’s full attention, I don’t know if anything ever will. His mind in every direction, constantly moving forward in all of them. You couldn’t disrupt his course if you wanted, he’s too busy trying to focus on his weaknesses, in every facet of his life.

Basile Beaty, 27 years old, Beaty like Warren Beaty, as in the outlaw Clyde. CrossFit Mean Streets, Downtown LA.

“The Lioness of DTLA”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd
By Christopher Piñedo

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

Amani Floyd wears many hats, last year one of those hats placed her 21st at the SoCal regionals. In addition to her 40 hour week in academia, Amani spends up to 20hrs per week training as though the world hadn’t told her to stop.

Just before regionals last year Amani began feeling unusual soreness and pain that she simply attributed to strenuous training. As the pain continued on after regionals she sought to better understand why her body wasn’t healing or operating as it once did. Amani was soon after diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that causes inflation of the joints and surrounding tissue. This was a much different weight she now had pressing overhead.

Amani was quickly faced with the effects of this condition hindering her performance and mental state. The wrists became more and more sore, push-ups became a foot on her back, anything overhead was out. Her gymnastics suffered, handstands became painful. The feet began to swell and wrists ache. When she confided in others with the condition they strongly urged her not to continue on with CrossFit. Fortunately Amani was consoled by a Doctor who assured her that she could, with the right medication, get back to competing. The medication would take over 2 months to get her back to health which forced a leave of absence.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd Box

“I had to change the way I view pain. It was no longer the discomfort I was pushing through but the risk of joints deteriorating. I had to listen even closer to my body.”

I ask her what got her through, why come back with such risk and certain pain.

“It’s really important to me, I’ve never been a quitter and I refused to be defined by the condition.”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Class

She wasn’t sure she’d make it back to a regional condition, but this season, despite her obstacles, she’s surprised even herself. She said the hard part was dealing with her condition while others were getting better, the competition more steep.

All her life she’s been competing, since middle school she’s been involved in competitive sports. State Champ, all American, 400meter, a runner at heart, competitor to the bone. She continues to press on a quarter mile at a time towards new frontiers of both the physical and mental realms.

“I’m a little crazy. It takes a certain type of personality to do this all the time. The schooling wears me out, but I like being competitive, intellectually and physically. At about 23 or 24 years old a woman has to decide which way they want their life and body to go, I wanted to stay fit, heathy, be mentally balanced, and it may sound shallow, but look good.”

“The quote that constantly goes through my mind is something Ronnie would tell me while training;
‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself.’
It’s simple, but it’s what I needed, and I tell myself that every time things get tough.”

Amani’s current standing in the 2014 Crossfit Open is 41st in Southern California. Going into 14.5 it would be safe to assume that all roads lead to regionals.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Handstand

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

CrossFit Mean Streets Downtown Los Angeles: We Eat Vegetarians

7 Week Paleo Challenge starts on Saturday

OK,… Now is the time of year to start winning,… to get healthy,… and to get fucking better looking. If you are a member of our gym or have been reading our blog you should know what basic Paleo is: meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO SUGAR! Basically removing all the processed foods, all bread, rice, and pasta from your diet. Making sure to pay attention to ingredients food companies try to sneek in. If you are switching to Paleo your life will change during these 7 weeks. To be successful you will empty your house of all such processed junk so as not to be surrounded by it. A food log is highly encouraged for us to review and discuss with you how you are doing. You will try to reduce your stress and sleep more. All of these lifestyle factors influence whether or not one is lean.

Winners will decided by whoever makes the most stunning physique transformation. Weight loss WILL NOT be a factor. All people in the gym are eligible to win. Weather you think you are already in shape or not.

As motivation we will be giving prizes away to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:

Gift certificates, free private training sessions,… and up to 3 months free membership!


-Must have picture taken on(we will be taking pictures on Saturday) or before 3-5-11.
-Must be a member of the gym to claim a prize

We will be kicking off this event on this Saturday. Ronnie will be giving a “Paleo 101” talk and conversation at 10am. We will be going over what, how, what if, etc… Anyone is welcome to attend this,… member or not. Bring your family and friends! We are also planing on taking pictures for paleo challenge during this time.

…….and Lunatic outside of gym:
crossfit mean streets los angeles

WOD 3-3-11



225/155 Deadlift
Handstand Pushup

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

“Sunday Grinder” classes at 10am from now on! NEXT INTRO CLASS TUES 730am

Classes will be held on Sunday at the main gym from now on. These are not CrossFit classes. They are open to all of our clients. These workouts will be extra long (think 3-5 crossfit workouts mushed together).

On Sundays mostly Mark McSharry will be teaching these beasts of a workout:

Mark at Socal Sectionals...5th overall


What kind of workouts are these?

These workouts will increase your work capacity and strength over a longer time period then regular CrossFit WODS. You must know the movements before coming to the class. You will be responsible for scaling. Sunday Grinders are not for learning technique. For example: If the workout has Push Jerks in them and you have never done a Push Jerk and have no idea what it is. Do not come to the Sunday Grinder. However if the workout involves pullups and you can’t do a pullup on your own but know that you have to use the green band to do them, then you are cool to show up. These workouts are meant to challenge your capabilities, so you must be capable first.

How do I fit these into my programming?

Sunday Grinders are a big load of work. So just realize this. Probably not a smart idea to workout 100% monday through sat and then try and tackle one of these Grinders. It depends on your goals though. Make sure you are getting enough recovery. We are open 7 days a week now, look out for these signs:

-Washed-out feeling, tired, drained, lack of energy
-Mild leg soreness, general aches and pains
-Pain in muscles and joints
-Sudden drop in performance
-Decreased immunity (increased number of colds, and sore throats)
-Decrease in training capacity / intensity
-Moodiness and irritability
-Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
-Decreased appetite
-Increased incidence of injuries.
-A compulsive need to exercise……….. ehem -Joe (but we love having you around)!

-These could be indicators that your body is overstressed from training. Remember sleep, stress, life changes, diet and other variables can increase your sensitivity to “under recovery”. So be smart, eat right, train hard and listen to your body!

How much do these classes cost?

Depending on your membership:

If you are unlimited they are free
If you are twice a week you can use this class as one of your two
If you are dropping in, the regular fee of $20 will apply.

Monday 5-24-10

Warm Up:

If you are not capable of doing all of these for 15 reps:

3 rounds
-overhead squat with bar
-back extensions
-ghd situps
-ring dips

Then for the rest of May and all of June do this warm up every day. Make sure you increase your numbers each day.

If you are capable of the above:

3 rounds of
-overhead squat: increase the weight each time (ex, pvc, 25lbs, 45lbs) 10-15
– Back Ext X15
-Toes to Bar X 15
-Max Muscle up
-Max Handstand Pushup


Back Squat


Max effort each set

Crossfit Mean Streets Downtown LA

5 Keys to Fitness Success!

Five Keys to your Fitness Success!

Below you will find information on the keys to success in high performance fitness training. Becoming stronger, faster, more agile, more flexible, and in general more athletic takes dedication, presence of mind, and of course lots and lots of hard work. If you want to become a dominant athlete you need to adhere to the list below. This is the difference between becoming a high performance athlete or settling for a mediocre level of fitness.


No matter what your goals are, training frequency is the key to success. Without it your system will be lacking valuable training time it needs to shed body fat, build strength, and become a functional machine. Humans are meant to be physically active every day. This does not mean running everyday. In fact running everyday is very bad for you. Variety is key, composing of lifting heavy things, body weight, cardio, and sport.

3 Days/week – Good enough to maintain what you have accomplished but not great for rapid results or weight loss
4 Days/Week – Allows for greater variety in training that will bring your skill set up to speed much quicker. Greater results will follow. Body composition will change faster.
5-6 Days/Week – This is ideal for anyone who wishes to lose weight or be able to perform at a higher level. Allows for rapid development of skills while maximizing your fat loss, building lean muscle, and excelling in all areas of training.

Always take at least one full day off from structured training.


Research has proven over and over that shorter bouts of high intensity exercise have a greater impact on your fitness level and overall health than longer, lower intensity, distance type workouts. Training with short duration, high intensity exercise rapidly develops your ability to perform more work in less time while simultaneously benefiting your endurance level. Max levels of athletic power are developed during short intense sessions. It also boosts your metabolic rate allowing you to burn more calories in the course of a day melting away stubborn body fat.

Low Intensity, long duration = Low Results

High Intensity, short duration = Max Results


Using movements that benefit athletic performance and our daily lives is our focus. Because your body works as an entire unit to perform functional movements, selecting exercises that train your body in this way is crucial. We will seldom use exercises that train one muscle only. Biceps Curls and Leg Extensions are examples of poor exercise selection. Burpees, Clean & Press, Deadlifts, Thrusters are examples of wise selections in terms of function and are all movements that are replicated life.
Keeping your routine full of variety not only keeps you from getting bored, but also more importantly helps keep you from getting injured. At the same time Variety maximizes the way your body responds to exercise by keeping it in a constant state of adaptation – maximizing results.


How you eat is how you are going to look. Eat Jelly doughnuts = look like one.
Proper nutrition is crucial to how your body responds to exercise. It is the determining factor on how your body burns fat, builds lean muscle, and performs during high intensity exercise.
You should eat just enough healthy foods to support your athletic performance but not enough to support body fat.
Each meal should contain each of 3 macro-nutrients, balanced properly.

Carbohydrates (Fresh Vegetables/ some Fruits)
Lean Protein (Buffalo, Fish, Fowl, etc…)

Healthy Fat (Nuts/Seeds, avocado, coconut, olive oil)

We are primal beings whose genes are 2 million years old. We have not adapted to the high glycemic processed foods of today. GRAINS NOT EDIBLE! The consumption of grains starting 500 years ago is responsible for the increasing downfall of health of humans.

Things to stay away from:

-pre-packaged foods


-Sodas / Sugary Drinks
-anything your caveman ancestors wouldn’t of had access too

Eat Lots of Fat!

In order to get back to your genetic best we have to use fat for energy. Most humans now-a-days have converted there once lean, fat burning and strong able-body into a sugar burning, fat storing warehouse of disease and filth. In order to get back to your preprogrammed genetically fit body, we must use fat for energy. Humans have been using fat for energy for 2 million years. Cut out the processed carbs and replace them with minimal fruit and lots of vegetables and increase your fat intake! This will stop your body from using sugar for energy, therefore stopping your cravings! This takes about 3 weeks of dedication, but all your cravings will disappear and you will run on fat for fuel. Your body will start pulling energy from all of your fat stores and you will start melting away fat and gaining lean muscle. The more fat you intake the less fat your body will want to hold onto.

We come from the sea. Although we are no longer there, and we now inhabit land, we are still made up mostly of water. Water is LIFE. So many body functions rely on water and we must supply our body with a constant supply of water to keep all of our functions running smoothly. Water will make you live, and live longer. A lot of medical problems people have and take medication for can be fixed if they just drank the appropriate amount of water. Water is the most important thing we must intake, and because of that we should make sure to get pure water.Staying hydrated is critical to your health. Dehydration leads to lower blood volume, which increases your chances of heat related injuries. It also hinders your system from delivering nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and removing waste products caused by exercise.

The general rule is to take your bodyweight and divide by 2. This is your daily amount of water that you need to consume in ounces.

Bodyweight of 200# / 2 = 100oz Daily

You will add additional water if you are training hard or the climate is hot. I recommend purchasing a 3-liter jug for measuring your water consumption. Having a larger jug that you fill once a day is easier to keep track of. Drink before you get thirsty! Thirst is a sign of dehydration


This is an area that few people think about as important in terms of fitness success. How you handle recovery is just as important as the training itself – Possibly more important.
The human body is quite an amazing machine. The way is manages it’s internal systems is simple but very complex at the same time. Your body is always trying to find a state of homeostasis (physical equilibrium). In terms of fitness – this is where the “use it or lose it” phrase comes from. Your system will adapt to the stress or lack of stress placed on it.
When you create stress on your body (Lifting Weights, Sprinting, Circuit training, Etc) your body will modify its internal systems (nervous system, increase muscle mass, etc.) so that it will have to exert less energy next time during that exercise.
For example – if you lift heavy weights often your body will make you stronger. If you sprint often you will get faster. This is your body’s way of finding balance. It is important to remember that your body grows stronger in the hours/days following the stress that has been placed on it not during the stress of training.


Getting enough rest in addition to eating well are the most important ways to aid in recovery. Some people can function on 6 hours of sleep but 8-9.5 hours is essential. The harder you train the more time your body needs to heal itself. Sleep is vital to many chemical adaptations that happen in your body. In order for this to happen your body needs to register that you are sleeping. Our skin cells must not sense light. Therefore turn off the TV, cover any electronics that have light, and black out the windows. Your room should be as dark as a cave, if you open your eyes and can see light, then so does your skin cells. This will confuse your body and it will not do all the full functions of sleep. Sleep will make you:
Lose Fat
Curb your craving for carbohydrates
Eradicate depression
Lower your blood pressure and stress levels
Reverse Type II diabetes
Minimize the risk of heart disease
Help prevent cancer

Sleep has been apart of life since life existed. It wasn’t till recently that we harnessed the power of light. Light has negative effects in the fact that it keeps us up later than we should be up. Up until recently we went to sleep with the sun and arose with the sun. So turn off your T.V. and computer at night and go to sleep. You will live longer, perform better, be happy and healthier.

Post Workout Stretching / SMR

Keeping your muscles flexible and your Range of Motion thorough will help in preventing injuries. If you are only training 3 days per week you should still be working flexibility daily – especially if you have chronically tight areas. Using the foam roller on sensitive muscles cannot be overstated. The foam roller is one of the most important tools in injury prevention by relieving adhesions between the muscle and fascia. This aids in lengthening your muscles back to a normal state. Along with the foam roller we will show you other methods using harder rollers, tennis balls, and baseballs. Yoga is also a good complimentary exercise.

Training & Nutrition Log

Everyone who is serious about training needs keep a training journal and nutrition log. This will allow you to monitor your program and identify flaws. By identifying flaws you can adjust your program to maximize results. We have a online software program that will chart all progress. Complete with graphs, goal setting, power output mapping, and body measurement recorder. All you have to do is input the data. There is a computer here for you to do that after every workout.
If you prefer you can also purchase a hard cover notebook and log each days activity and eating. I believe this is a must for accountability and anyone who is serious about training.

Ronnie Teasdale
CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles