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CrossFit Downtown Los Angeles

The 1st premier strength and conditioning facility in Downtown Los Angeles established in 2006. Our industry experts and functional equipment will get you to unimaginable heights of fitness. We have a variety of classes running all day long.

Why is Mean Streets better than going to your local “GLOBAL” gym?

The concepts and training methods used in this program have been proven by practical application in preparing people for the demands of life, sports, and tough jobs alike. It doesn’t matter if you are a olympic athlete, a parent, weekend warrior or a military operator, this program offers the same benefits of functional movements for many different levels. The class format mixes many proven methods of training to enhance one’s functional ability across several characteristics of exercise performance. We focus on the effects exercise has on the body, not just on movements. We enhance all ten general physical skills : STRENGTH, STAMINA, CARDIO ENDURANCE, FLEXIBILITY, POWER, SPEED, COORDINATION, AGILITY, BALANCE, ACCURACY. We also address the three metabolic pathways (energy systems, which compose of: phosphagen, oxidative, and glycolytic) which will develop increased power output & endurance – and everything in between.
The results speak for themselves.

Our gym is upheld by the most qualified coaches for Crossfit Downtown Los Angeles. When you come to class you will be taught by an industry expert. On our list of coaches we have: Doctors, USA Olympic Team members, World Champions, Veterans and some of the Best CrossFitters in the World. You will not find this sort of talent at a global gym, or any gym. We have the best coaching team in place of all crossfit locations in Los Angeles and DTLA.

Who is this gym for?

Anyone ready to commit to hard work and dedicate themselves to becoming a stronger, more capable human machine. We accept all levels of students from beginners to advanced. Both men and women; young or old. We will scale the loads and the workout to accommodate your current level. Most people start as beginners.

How do I get started at Mean Streets Crossfit Downtown Los Angeles?

Since we have a very unique program, we start all prospective new students with a complimentary introduction session here at our crossfit downtown los angeles box. This is a 60-minute, small group session that gives you the chance to learn a bit about our methods and philosophy, and experience a workout. We’ll also answer your questions about our membership packages and joining.

Join us for your FREE WEEK and try out our box.
-Step 1 Complete our FREE Week Membership
-Step 2 Complete our Online Waiver Call or Text 213-290-2367
-Step 3 Show Up for your first Fundamentals or Intro Class
Classes welcome to you are:
-Intro Class
-Whip Conditioning

CrossFit classes:

Constantly Varied Functional Exercise performed at High Intensity. The programming in CrossFit downtown los angeles classes are designed to make you good at everything. Your fitness will be attacked from every angle, providing the perfect synergistic effect that your body needs to adapt on all levels. Exercise type, intensity, length, and movements will be constantly varied every day..

Whip Conditioning classes:

The fastest way to lean out and increase your cardio vascular endurance. Every hour of WhipCON will be filled with a warm up, 30-45 minutes of sweating and a cool down. Designed to increase your metabolic conditioning melting fat off of your body.

Private Training:

We have industry experts who can supply the perfect 1 on 1 sessions. Passionate coaches with lots of training experience that will be focused into getting you from where you are now to beyond where you want to be


We offer a Week free to all newcomers. For information check our Schedule Page for more info and our crossfit la prices.

If you are interested in training please shoot us an email at admin@crossfitmeanstreets.com or give us a call: 213 290 2367.


To see the Workouts click on the WODBLOG link on top of the Pictures above. We would also like to inform you that our Whip Conditioning Classes far surpass the common programs at most bootcamp locations around the Los Angeles area and our excellent workout programing will have you ready for any activity you encounter.  Make sure to come to our facility today and experience the best workout you have ever had.

🙂 We look forward to serving you here at our crossfit gym the original and most enjoyable place to crossfit dtla. See you soon!!

Our Mission is Safety and Longevity at Mean Streets Crossfit Downtown Los Angeles

Crossfit is an awesome sport and it is our mission to make sure you participate in the sport of fitness safely and for a number of years. There are a number of boxes opening up in the area now and you want to make sure that you choose the best CrossFit Downtown Los Angeles to ensure your success and safety. Crossfit Downtown Los Angeles at Mean Streets is your #1 and only choice to get you started on your way in the sport of fitness.