WhipCon classes are based on CrossFit methodologies. These classes will offer the FASTEST way to lean out and increase your mid-range cardiovascular conditioning.

This class will be absent of heavy barbell movements and skill work. It will be a workout that is focused on metabolic conditioning. This type of training will increase your hormones to produce a faster metabolism to increase fat loss. The type of movements here will be accessible for all skill levels.

The workouts in these classes will not be posted on the website but will be the same format every day: 10-15min warmup,… and then 30-40 minutes of sweating. This can be done as your primary form of weight loss and leaning out, in addition to your CrossFit training, or even back to back hours if you wish.

WhipCon classes will use movements that are not used in traditional CrossFit routines. We will do “unmeasurable” exercises like twisting motions, and isolated holds.