1st Session Free

1st session Free


To get started in our community:

Since we have a very unique program, we start all prospective new students with a complimentary introduction session here at our crossfit downtown los angeles box. This is a 90-minute, small group ON RAMP session that gives you the chance to learn a bit about our methods and philosophy, and experience a workout. We’ll also answer your questions about our membership packages and joining. ON RAMP classes are every Saturday at 10am. If this time does not work for you, then please email manager@lahfgym.com and we will work something out with you and your schedule.


Our gym is not just a place to sweat. Our facilities will be your home away from home. A place where you will meet like minded individuals who will eventually become the friends you explore the world with your new body. A body where you can do whatever you want. Would you like to climb mountains? No problem. How about attract your dream partner? Well, we will fast track you to being that dream partner. Have you never walked into a room and felt like the most powerful person? The only way to learn that trait is to be with other powerful people. This is a community of greatness.

Over the last 10 years there has been 4 types of people that have joined us:

Never worked out, never been athletic:

You are comfortable not using your body. You have achieved a lot out of life by using your brain to do most actions. And you have finally decided that now is the time to get this whole body thing taken care of. You don’t even really know what that means. You may have never set foot into a gym in your life. But you have heard of us and decided to check us out.

We understand what you are going through, only through the context that we have seen plenty of people just like yourself. You will walk in the first day, eager to understand what it means to be going to a gym regularly. You will learn that the stuff you will absorb in here is relatable to everything you are currently doing in your life.

Everyday in the gym you will hit walls, in the form of learning new skills, going bigger, better, and heavier than you have in the past, and pushing past thresholds of intensities you have never experienced before. Everyday those walls will be smashed. Week by week you get stronger, you start walking taller, and soon you will understand what having a functional body means, and the power you have.

You will understand that we are meant to move, and move you will do.

Used to be athletic, been on vacation for a long while from that life:

High school or college sports were fun. Or maybe you took gymnastics for three years until you were 7. You can remember when you were a kid and exercise was fun. You may have taken 5,10,20 years off of having “fun” and had to do the “adult thing”.

Those who have learned how to ride a bike know that that skill never goes away. If you were once athletic you will get it back. Although your body might be in a different state of being now, there is no way to get back to that magical feeling of waking up in the morning and looking forward to making yourself better. The chase can continue. There are only two options of when: Today, or Tomorrow. Today needs to happen.

Work out now, either semi regularly or every day: 

You may be happy or unhappy with your fitness levels and your progress with movement. But odds are if you are checking out this website you may be looking for a change.

Our community will be filled with people just like you. All destined to be better tomorrow than they are today. A few months from now you can be part of what we have here. Imagine walking into a place where everyday you see the same motivating faces. People who are on the same journey as you, and succeeding! Everyday when you walk out you feel accomplished.

There is no way to go downhill here. You will work hard, you will struggle, and you will reap all the rewards that come with it. It is true that no greatness ever comes from anything easy. We all know the true meaning of that.

Superstar at the gym. Working out is one of your main priorities in life.

The idea of group classes may offend you. But you know that you can only get so good being the big fish in a small pond. You desire a place where there is people around you that speak your language and walk your walk.

Professional coaches run our classes. We are talking about lifetime movers and people passionate about the movement arts. Most of our coaches have played a sport at a professional level. Our coaches our world renown and are the furthest thing from amateur.

We have everything here. If you are a body weight expert you will learn how to apply those skills to weight lifting. If you are strong, get ready to be able to walk on your hands, and maybe do some back flips. The beauty of being in a place that forces you to work on your weaknesses, is that your precious “strengths” will get better. You wont get better working on the same things over and over. But once you open yourself up to a broader version of movement you will see that it is possible to be good at everything.

Specializing is 80’s and 90’s talk. If you are maximizing your time in the gym, eating right, and progressing properly with a plan its possible to be as explosive as a football player, as mobile as a gymnast and still be able to go on a 14 hour hike or run a half marathon for fun on any giving Sunday if you want.

This gym is not like the others. And by “others” we mean all gyms, including other gyms that offer CrossFit. Opening up gyms has become mainstreamed and easy lately. This gym has been around for 10 years, was successful before CrossFit, and we are the only gym downtown that has regularly sent athletes to CrossFit Regionals the last 5 years (every year). No other CrossFit gym in downtown LA has EVER sent even one athlete to Regionals. This speaks about our programming, variety of classes, motivating environment, and the community driving force that holds it all together.

You may be worried that classes aren’t going to be challenging enough for you. Well you are straight up wrong when it comes to that assessment. You get in what you put in. And if you put in enough, there is an advanced group of people at our gym that train out side of classes. You will have to put in your dues learning all there is to know during classes. But down the road, if you are a true athlete you are going to want more. And there are people waiting for you, waiting to push you, and not let you make excuses for yourself, ever.


1st step:


Help us help you. We are here on the phone (text also) or through email.
-Contact us, and come to the gym.

You don’t have to think beyond that. Do this first step and several months from now you (and us)will look back at this moment extremely happy you choose to do so.

We look forward to having you as a part of our community!

Mean Streets: 265 S Main st. 90012

Call us: 213-290-2367

Email us: Manager@lahfgym.com