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Inception Team WOD by Ronnie Teasdale of 2011

inception updated wod crossfit ronnie teasdale

Made this workout in 2011. We had an all star cast do it. Since then I got contacted at least every 6 months asking for detail. I hope this video explains it all.

Original whiteboard:

inception ronnie teasdale wod

And Original Post:


We will do this workout Thursday night. This is Artwalk (2nd Thursday of the month downtown turns into a mad house) ,… and all year we have been doing lots of working out on Artwalk nights… We usually start warming up around 8:30, and don’t really leave the gym till 1ish in the morning. This week we have an awesome workout that I just made up,… it may literally take forever to do,… but everyone participating is part of a team, and we don’t stop until everyone is saved.

If you are competent in all lifts, and can do most of the body weight movements, then you are invited. If you are a badass from another gym and want to come by then come on.

The WOD is not easy to understand. But I will attempt to explain it as best as possible….. well not really,… I am just going to write,… if you don’t get it then you will have to wait till Thursday night when its explained and done.

The main layer is 150 wallballs. Elite status uses 30lbs for guys and 20 lbs for girls. And we scale down in weight from there.

The object is to complete 150 wallballs.

Elite Status is 30lbs for guys and 20lbs for women

Intermediate to Advanced should use 20-25lbs for guys and 15-20lbs for women

Beginners shouldn’t really do this workout, But if one wants to attempt, they should heavily scale every exercise.

Every time you break though you have to go down a layer and do another workout.

The 150 wallballs are broken up into 3 separate sections:




If you break during any of those zones you will go down into a different layer and do the workouts in those layers. If you break the exercise in the second layer, you will go down to the next layer and so on and so on. When you are down layers of exercise the only way to get out is to complete all the tasks that you are assigned to according to the map. The best way to get out is to do as much as possible unbroken.

Unbroken is defined as completing the single movement until moving on to the next movement.



If you break wallballs from 1-80 then you must do Fran

-If you break Thrusters you do 100 Sledgehammers

–If you break Sledgehammers you run 1/3 of a mile

-If you break Pullups you do Annie

–If you break double unders you do 40 KB swings (53/35)

–If you break Situps you do 30 burpees


If you break wallballs from 81-115 you do Elizabeth

-If you break cleans you do 21-15-9 KB snatch70/53, and L-sit (seconds)

–If you break snatches row 1500m

–If you break the L-sit do 50 back ext

-If you break ring dips do 2 rope climbs(touch and go, no rest) and 30 ball slams

–If you break rope do a 150ft bear crawl (50ft, there back and there)

–If you break ball slam do 100ft crab walk(50ft there and back)

—If you break either crawl or walk you practice Handstand walking until saved


If you break wallballs from 116-149 you do 35 snatches (95/65)

-If you break the snactches you do 65 pushups

–If you break the pushups you do body weight yolk walk 100ft holding with your forearms.


-Workout is not over until every team member gets out of 150 wallballs (our team will be everyone that participates).

-Once you finish you may go back and save teammates.

-When in someone else’s layer same rules apply, if any ex

For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls.

“For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls”

by Christopher Piñedo 


Basile Beaty, 27 years old, Beaty like Warren Beaty, as in the outlaw Clyde.

The first time I saw Basile Beaty, I was certain that he was Thor. I was coming to a gym and being trained by fuckin’ Thor, I was sold. He would come in with two giant thunderous dogs or on the lightning of a Harley. He was very real, a product of his ambition and his askew perspective of the world.

How it all began.

“I came here because I saw the kettlebells on the website. There was no other reason I came here. I saw a picture of kettlebells and checked it out. I had never done a fundamentals class. I would just watch Ronnie and Andrea do stuff, and I’d copy them. Soon after I went to Waxman’s and hit Olympic lifting hard.”


Beaty is always stoic. His internal strength has formed into an external Greek-like physique. His education looms around him as he walks through the gym, as though an alchemist forming metal only to lift it.

On competition.

“Before competing I was just happy that I found a community. I don’t know how I feel about competition now. We only do the major competitions, the small ones don’t serve a large purpose anymore but it’s something everyone should do once or twice. My approach is mental. I’ve never been the best physically. When I used to run, it was often that after the first straight away, if someone was behind, they’d give up. After the first straight away I never gave up, even if I was far behind. I’d catch up.”


How do you you balance everything you have going on?

“I came to California as a PhD student. I wasn’t training as much as other competitors. I wasn’t expecting to make regionals my first year. I was training alongside Ryan Fischer when he used to work at Mean Streets, and that helped push me. This quarter is the first time I’ve had the ability to train as much as I’d like to. You learn how to manage time when you do Ivy and 3 sports. My hangout time was talking in the shower for 20 min. I associate this with academics, my approach. You just get better at managing time. When I had to read 1,000 pages a week for my PhD, I wouldn’t stop training.”

What are your expectations going into regionals?

“I never really know how I’m gonna do going into regionals. The workouts always change. Last year I got two top 10 scores and then really bad placements. I can’t necessarily compete with these big guys and heavy weights.”

Where are you at right now with CrossFit and who you are?

“Right now I’m really happy with the amount of time I’m putting into my education, I feel like I’m on the cusp of big things. I like CrossFit because there is a lot of intellect behind it. Kinesthetic awareness. I like regionals because I like competing with the best in the region. I’d love to go on a team, I love that aspect.”


If you could, what would you tell a young Basile walking in to the gym for the first time? Would you yell at him? Would you whisper?

“I wouldn’t yell at him, I’d tell him;

Focus on your weaknesses first.”

You can see in his eyes that his mind runs faster than the world. As though he were the fastest runner there ever was, stuck behind a vast populous of average runners. Continually trying to make way.

I don’t know if CrossFit has Basile’s full attention, I don’t know if anything ever will. His mind in every direction, constantly moving forward in all of them. You couldn’t disrupt his course if you wanted, he’s too busy trying to focus on his weaknesses, in every facet of his life.

Basile Beaty, 27 years old, Beaty like Warren Beaty, as in the outlaw Clyde. CrossFit Mean Streets, Downtown LA.

“The Lioness of DTLA”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd
By Christopher Piñedo

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

Amani Floyd wears many hats, last year one of those hats placed her 21st at the SoCal regionals. In addition to her 40 hour week in academia, Amani spends up to 20hrs per week training as though the world hadn’t told her to stop.

Just before regionals last year Amani began feeling unusual soreness and pain that she simply attributed to strenuous training. As the pain continued on after regionals she sought to better understand why her body wasn’t healing or operating as it once did. Amani was soon after diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that causes inflation of the joints and surrounding tissue. This was a much different weight she now had pressing overhead.

Amani was quickly faced with the effects of this condition hindering her performance and mental state. The wrists became more and more sore, push-ups became a foot on her back, anything overhead was out. Her gymnastics suffered, handstands became painful. The feet began to swell and wrists ache. When she confided in others with the condition they strongly urged her not to continue on with CrossFit. Fortunately Amani was consoled by a Doctor who assured her that she could, with the right medication, get back to competing. The medication would take over 2 months to get her back to health which forced a leave of absence.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd Box

“I had to change the way I view pain. It was no longer the discomfort I was pushing through but the risk of joints deteriorating. I had to listen even closer to my body.”

I ask her what got her through, why come back with such risk and certain pain.

“It’s really important to me, I’ve never been a quitter and I refused to be defined by the condition.”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Class

She wasn’t sure she’d make it back to a regional condition, but this season, despite her obstacles, she’s surprised even herself. She said the hard part was dealing with her condition while others were getting better, the competition more steep.

All her life she’s been competing, since middle school she’s been involved in competitive sports. State Champ, all American, 400meter, a runner at heart, competitor to the bone. She continues to press on a quarter mile at a time towards new frontiers of both the physical and mental realms.

“I’m a little crazy. It takes a certain type of personality to do this all the time. The schooling wears me out, but I like being competitive, intellectually and physically. At about 23 or 24 years old a woman has to decide which way they want their life and body to go, I wanted to stay fit, heathy, be mentally balanced, and it may sound shallow, but look good.”

“The quote that constantly goes through my mind is something Ronnie would tell me while training;
‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself.’
It’s simple, but it’s what I needed, and I tell myself that every time things get tough.”

Amani’s current standing in the 2014 Crossfit Open is 41st in Southern California. Going into 14.5 it would be safe to assume that all roads lead to regionals.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Handstand

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

Ronnie to head coach the “PR in Pardise” Stayfit tour to Belize at the end of June! CFSS Thursday


I am really excited to being going to Belize with a group of people who are eager to have fun and stayfit while doing it! I am going to be head coach on a Stayfit tour to the ocean side of Belize.

This is basically a vacation where your workouts, fun, friends, and locals to take you to the best spots are taken care of for you. More info is here:

This is the resort we are staying at, and its included in the price!:


And I will be hosting daily movement, inspiration, education, and motivation at CrossFit CFS. And this gym is sick! right on the beach!:



This is going to be such a fun time. To sign up you just need to leave a deposit. You may also email for more details.




3 box jumps (36/30)
Three shuttle runs 50ft (there, back, there)

Rest 1 min


2 Deadlifts at 70% of 1rm –> make no noise on ground, be soft, no dropping or going down fast
18 lumping lunges

Rest 1 min


3 box jumps (36/30)
Three shuttle runs 50ft (there, back, there)

Rest 1 min


2 squat cleans at 80% 1RM
4 medball shotput throws (throw like a shot-put, then run to ball and throw back with other arm)–>use your hips

CrossFit Smiley Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Schedule changes! CFSS Wendesday

Wednesday nights at smiley streets class will be hosting intro classes at 7:30pm from now on. This will take the place of the CrossFit class that used to be in this slot. To make up for this: We will also be adding a weekend classes!

Both an intro class at 1:15pm, and a CrossFit class at 2:15pm on Sunday.


Pushing Nate

Med Ball Plank Push 15ft (one rafter section)
2 muscle ups
4 Handstand Pushups
8 KB Swings 70/53

CrossFit Smiley Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Basile’s Skills Class has been moved from Thursday to Wed. CFMS Wednesday


The Skills class is no longer on Thursday night. It will be held today at 7pm, and on Wednesdays from now on.


Every 3 minutes for 10 rounds:

3 high box jumps (focus is on power, and full range of motion during movement: extending hips) 42/34
5 dips (focus is on quality and tame of motion)
7 Heavy Russian swing starts (focus is on weight: we now have up to 126lbs)
1 Jerk, take from rack (focus is on form) as heavy as you can go. You may increase weight. But a failed rep equals 40 burpees. So do not select a weight that is too heavy.


For time:
Run 1 mile
Rest 3 minutes
Heavy Dumbbell Squat cleans, 20 reps (should be so heavy that 20 in a row is impossible)
20 Box jump, 24/20
20 Walking lunge steps with 45/25 plate held overhead
20 Box jump, 2420
Heavy Dumbbell Squat cleans, 20 reps
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1 mile

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

CFMS Sunday



Work up to Max Split jerk (off rack)


Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes

2 split jerks with 85% of 1RM established in A)


5 Power Snatches unbroken and touch and go with 80% 1RM Power Snatch
15/10 cal row
rest 5 minutes


6 rounds for time:
400m plate run 45/25
12 Push Press 95/65
12 SDHP 95/65
12 Box Jump 24/20

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles