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For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls.

“For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls”

by Christopher Piñedo 


Basile Beaty, 27 years old, Beaty like Warren Beaty, as in the outlaw Clyde.

The first time I saw Basile Beaty, I was certain that he was Thor. I was coming to a gym and being trained by fuckin’ Thor, I was sold. He would come in with two giant thunderous dogs or on the lightning of a Harley. He was very real, a product of his ambition and his askew perspective of the world.

How it all began.

“I came here because I saw the kettlebells on the website. There was no other reason I came here. I saw a picture of kettlebells and checked it out. I had never done a fundamentals class. I would just watch Ronnie and Andrea do stuff, and I’d copy them. Soon after I went to Waxman’s and hit Olympic lifting hard.”


Beaty is always stoic. His internal strength has formed into an external Greek-like physique. His education looms around him as he walks through the gym, as though an alchemist forming metal only to lift it.

On competition.

“Before competing I was just happy that I found a community. I don’t know how I feel about competition now. We only do the major competitions, the small ones don’t serve a large purpose anymore but it’s something everyone should do once or twice. My approach is mental. I’ve never been the best physically. When I used to run, it was often that after the first straight away, if someone was behind, they’d give up. After the first straight away I never gave up, even if I was far behind. I’d catch up.”


How do you you balance everything you have going on?

“I came to California as a PhD student. I wasn’t training as much as other competitors. I wasn’t expecting to make regionals my first year. I was training alongside Ryan Fischer when he used to work at Mean Streets, and that helped push me. This quarter is the first time I’ve had the ability to train as much as I’d like to. You learn how to manage time when you do Ivy and 3 sports. My hangout time was talking in the shower for 20 min. I associate this with academics, my approach. You just get better at managing time. When I had to read 1,000 pages a week for my PhD, I wouldn’t stop training.”

What are your expectations going into regionals?

“I never really know how I’m gonna do going into regionals. The workouts always change. Last year I got two top 10 scores and then really bad placements. I can’t necessarily compete with these big guys and heavy weights.”

Where are you at right now with CrossFit and who you are?

“Right now I’m really happy with the amount of time I’m putting into my education, I feel like I’m on the cusp of big things. I like CrossFit because there is a lot of intellect behind it. Kinesthetic awareness. I like regionals because I like competing with the best in the region. I’d love to go on a team, I love that aspect.”


If you could, what would you tell a young Basile walking in to the gym for the first time? Would you yell at him? Would you whisper?

“I wouldn’t yell at him, I’d tell him;

Focus on your weaknesses first.”

You can see in his eyes that his mind runs faster than the world. As though he were the fastest runner there ever was, stuck behind a vast populous of average runners. Continually trying to make way.

I don’t know if CrossFit has Basile’s full attention, I don’t know if anything ever will. His mind in every direction, constantly moving forward in all of them. You couldn’t disrupt his course if you wanted, he’s too busy trying to focus on his weaknesses, in every facet of his life.

Basile Beaty, 27 years old, Beaty like Warren Beaty, as in the outlaw Clyde. CrossFit Mean Streets, Downtown LA.

“The Lioness of DTLA”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd
By Christopher Piñedo

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

Amani Floyd wears many hats, last year one of those hats placed her 21st at the SoCal regionals. In addition to her 40 hour week in academia, Amani spends up to 20hrs per week training as though the world hadn’t told her to stop.

Just before regionals last year Amani began feeling unusual soreness and pain that she simply attributed to strenuous training. As the pain continued on after regionals she sought to better understand why her body wasn’t healing or operating as it once did. Amani was soon after diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that causes inflation of the joints and surrounding tissue. This was a much different weight she now had pressing overhead.

Amani was quickly faced with the effects of this condition hindering her performance and mental state. The wrists became more and more sore, push-ups became a foot on her back, anything overhead was out. Her gymnastics suffered, handstands became painful. The feet began to swell and wrists ache. When she confided in others with the condition they strongly urged her not to continue on with CrossFit. Fortunately Amani was consoled by a Doctor who assured her that she could, with the right medication, get back to competing. The medication would take over 2 months to get her back to health which forced a leave of absence.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Floyd Box

“I had to change the way I view pain. It was no longer the discomfort I was pushing through but the risk of joints deteriorating. I had to listen even closer to my body.”

I ask her what got her through, why come back with such risk and certain pain.

“It’s really important to me, I’ve never been a quitter and I refused to be defined by the condition.”

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Class

She wasn’t sure she’d make it back to a regional condition, but this season, despite her obstacles, she’s surprised even herself. She said the hard part was dealing with her condition while others were getting better, the competition more steep.

All her life she’s been competing, since middle school she’s been involved in competitive sports. State Champ, all American, 400meter, a runner at heart, competitor to the bone. She continues to press on a quarter mile at a time towards new frontiers of both the physical and mental realms.

“I’m a little crazy. It takes a certain type of personality to do this all the time. The schooling wears me out, but I like being competitive, intellectually and physically. At about 23 or 24 years old a woman has to decide which way they want their life and body to go, I wanted to stay fit, heathy, be mentally balanced, and it may sound shallow, but look good.”

“The quote that constantly goes through my mind is something Ronnie would tell me while training;
‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself.’
It’s simple, but it’s what I needed, and I tell myself that every time things get tough.”

Amani’s current standing in the 2014 Crossfit Open is 41st in Southern California. Going into 14.5 it would be safe to assume that all roads lead to regionals.

Crossfit Mean Streets Amani Handstand

Amani Floyd, age 27. SoCal regional competitor. Crossfit Mean Streets of Downtown LA. Full time law student. Dog enthusiast, science fiction reader.

CrossFit USC Is Where You Need To Be!!

CrossFit USC Student Discounts

Are you a student at USC interested in CrossFit?? Well this is your lucky day CrossFit Smiley Streets just 2 miles north the University of Southern California located at 1377 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 973-2695. CrossFit USC for students and staff would be able to participate in a life changing experience. Many have heard of CrossFit but have not ventured into giving it a try just yet. We would like to be your first experience and we believe you wont be disappointed. Contact us today to give it a try and you will be amazed at how much fun you have here with us at CrossFit Smiley Streets.

How Much Is CrossFit USC Downtown LA Location

We are please to announce that our prices are at bargain prices right now to celebrate the opening of our 2nd location. Yes this is our 2nd location our first location is the world famous CrossFit Mean Streets. We pride ourselves on top notch coaching and while we get this box up and running you have the priviladge of being coached by one of the best CrossFit USC athletes and coaches in this sport of fitness. So I want you to hold onto your pants because when I share the price for student membership it may blow them right off. OK here we go are you ready? Only $119 per month and when we increase the price your membership fees will stay the same, as long as you are a student.
crossfit dtla

What To Bring To Your First CrossFit USC WOD

OK you are probably wondering what the hell is a WOD, well that stands for Workout Of The Day!! You may have been thinking some thing dirty but we get down and dirty with our workouts here…thank you very much. LOL!! So now on to what you should wear and bring to your first CrossFit USC WOD. Simply dress in your common workout gear, something that is comfortable and that you don’t mind getting sweaty or a little dirty. Also it is important that you drink water before the class not during the class. Because when you body tells you its thirsty you are already dehydrated, if your body has water before you workout it has sufficient hydration. My favorite quote I would like to share with you is, “Don’t wait until you are thirsty to dig a well.” Give us a call at CrossFit 213-973-2695.

Why CrossFit USC at Smiley Streets

CrossFit in Los Angeles CA are opening up all over Downtown LA, the country and the world and the way we separate ourselves from the rest of the pack is because our coaches live and breath fitness, health, wellness and CrossFit. That’s right don’t you you’re your first and many to come, CrossFit USC experiences to be with coaches and individuals who love, live and breath fitness? I know you do that is why we offer you 7 Days FREE so you can come see and verify what we are all about and experience CrossFit USC Smiley Streets Style.

CrossFit Smiley Streets
1377 S. Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 973-2695

Looking for Boot Camp Workouts Downtown Los Angeles

Looking for Boot Camp Workouts Downtown Los Angeles

Are you looking for great boot camp workouts Downtown Los Angeles? Well you hav come to the right place. Yes we have what all the other boot camps wish they had, which is great training a facility that allows for more than just body weight workouts and light weights, we offer more exercises than what boot camp workouts Downtown Los Angeles usually are able to offer.

boot camp workouts downtown los angeles

Starting with boot camp workouts Downtown Los Angeles

TIP! You can remain dedicated to your fitness program by setting goals for yourself. Having goals focuses you on the task at hand instead of the hurdles to get there.

Los Angeles Health & Fitness is the right place to begin because we offer the most comprehensive workouts for the person just beginning their fitness path. We also challenge the seasoned fitness guru as well. You won’t know what hit you and you will feel great at the end of your workout. Even those who have suffered injuries doing other activities or from sports we can help you as well. There is really no excuse to get started because if you can do the basic aspects of life like walking you can get started with us.

Boot Camp Workouts Downtown Los Angeles Helps You With Diet

TIP! When lifting weights, start off by working smaller muscle groups at the beginning of your workout. Small muscles tire out before the large ones, so use dumbbells before moving on to the larger machines.

Many people spend time working out like crazy and doing many variations of LAPD boot camp Los Angeles method which doesn’t produce what they thought it would and wind up quitting because they see no improvements. Why is that? Well I am about to share that with you. It’s because they are not given the proper dietary direction on what should and should not be eaten. See diet is key when attempting to lose or gain weight, or build muscle as well. Whatever your goal is we can help you get there. Another priceless benefit we offer with our facility is you are surrounded by positive motivated fitness minded people who are also doing the same thing you are doing. Not to mention there is a powerful success principle in play here, which is, you become what you hang around at boot camp workouts Downtown Los Angeles Health & Fitness.

Boot Camp Workouts Downtown Los Angeles Changing Lives

TIP! Keep track of all of your activities each day. You should write down the food you eat, drinks you consume, and what exercises you do.

The success principle from the world famous book, “Think & Grow Rich” talks about meeting with a mastermind group of people, who are on the same path as you. Well here you go, you get the priceless gift of being around fit, motivated and encouraging people who will pull you and push you along and who at the same time will be encouraged by you, who is pulling them and pushing them along as well. See there is a great synergy that is created by the giving and taking of the spirit of helping one another. This is something that is truly priceless and it is something more than what the boot camp workouts Downtown Los Angeles have to offer you.

What we have that Boot Camp Workouts Downtown Los Angeles Just Can’t Offer

TIP! When lifting weights it is not always true that the more weight the stronger you will be. Light weights for longer time periods can do this as well.

We offer the chance to become part of a community!! So many people want to belong and we welcome you in with open arms the only requirement to get started is a willingness to show up and do your best. Come see what we have to offer that the best Weight Loss Camp Los Angeles & boot camp workouts Downtown Los Angeles has yet to see.

Best LA Workouts Downtown LA | best la workout

Best LA Workout

So many are wondering what is the best LA workout to do. So many options to choose from in the Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding cities such as Silver Lake, Echo Park, Moneterey Park, South Park Downtown Los Angeles, and we are just 2 short miles from University of Southern California.

best la workout crossfit smiley streets

What is the best la workout around?

TIP! If you find yourself still struggling to achieve your fitness goal, buy yourself a new workout outfit to boost your enthusiasm. Showing off your new figure can help you maintain your dedication to meeting your fitness goals.

So what we have for workout choices is so vast and one may wonder how to sort them all to get the best bang for your buck and best results for your time spent sweating your a$% off. Well the most logical choice is CrossFit Smiley Streets Downtown LA. This is because when it comes down to it CrossFit Smiley Streets offers so much more then all the other workout regimes have to offer.

best la workout crossfit smiley streets

What does the Best LA Workout Have That The Others Don’t

TIP! An excellent method of getting in good shape is selecting exercise routines that firm up your body’s muscles and improve their flexibility. Check into local classes to find one that interests you.

Well for starters the best LA workout at CrossFit Smiley Streets offers fun. You know the type of fun you used to have when you were a child, the type of fun when you would go out and play with your friends. That’s Right!! FUN!! Do you remember when you were a child and all you had to do was worry about playing and what toys you wanted for Christmas (or other holiday you celebrated), your birthday and whose house the next sleep over was at? Well we make working out fun because every day is different and every wod is different 98% of the time.

What Results Does The Best LA Workout Offer?

TIP! Running outdoors is a better exercise than using a treadmill. Many people like treadmills because they are convenient (especially when the weather is bad), though if you want a great work out, running on the pavement will serve you better.

We get you better results than you ever imagined. When you are doing the essential exercises your body needs on a daily basis you get better result at the best LA workout location. You may be asking what are those exercises that give me such great results. When you are doing the movements that naturally are meant for the body to do you get maximum results those movements are pushing, pulling, climbing, jumping, running, hitting, crawling and throwing. These are the activities that we did when we were kids running around without a worry in the world. I know you remember the time where you looked forward to recess and weekends where you could wake up early to watch your favorite cartoons and each your favorite cereals.

The Best Workout LA Takes You Back To Fun!

TIP! Keep your rpms under 110 and above 80 to optimize your bicycling experience. This make bicycling easier on your knees and muscles.

If you are still not sure what we offer you here at CrossFit Smiley Streets Im going to share that with you. It is a slow subtle change in lifestyle that helps you down a path of positive change. When you are around positive motivated coaches and class mates it rubs off on you whether you like it or not. Those who make the commitment and just show up to take part in the best LA workout are pleasantly surprised by the transformation of their minds and body. They become more confident and are able to adapt to change and take on what life throws at them with more tenacity. This is something that you can’t just put a price on it is a priceless aspect of CrossFit Smiley Streets best LA Workout Downtown Los Angeles has to offer.

Best LA Workout

best la workout crossfit smiley streets

South Park Apartment Complex Almost Completed!!

Work starts on $170-million apartment complex near Staples Center
May 27, 2012 By Roger Vincent

Construction began last week on the Avant, a $170-million luxury apartment complex near the Los Angeles Convention Center.


The Avant will have 440 units in three buildings on Figueroa and Flower streets between Pico and Venice boulevards. Downtown’s South Park neighborhood, which includes Staples Center and the LA Live entertainment complex, is among the region’s more robust rental housing markets.

“There is a huge demand for attractive and well-appointed residential units,” developer Randy Fifield said. “While 500,000 people work downtown, the market-rate housing inventory comprises only 17,706 units.”


The project is being developed by Century West Partners, a Los Angeles residential builder made up of Fifield and her husband, Steve Fifield of Chicago-based Fifield Cos., and Los Angeles apartment investor Michael Sorochinsky of Cypress Equity Investments.

The first phase of the Avant consists of two seven-story buildings at 1340 S. Figueroa and 1355 S. Flower. Joined by an elevated walkway, the two buildings will house 247 apartments above ground-floor restaurants and shops.

Those buildings are set to be completed by November 2013, when work will begin on another seven-story tower with 194 units at 1500 S. Figueroa that would be finished by the end of 2014.

Rents at the Avant are expected to range from $1,350 to $3,500 per month.

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CrossFit for High School Athletes Los Angeles

CrossFit for High School Athletes Los Angeles

The benefit of CrossFit is apparent and the sport is booming and high school athletes are getting left in the dust. Its time for you to come visit our CrossFit Downtown Los Angeles locations immediately because if you are a hight school athlete we will show you why CrossFit for high school athletes is a must. That’s the big question of the day. People have watched the CrossFit games on TV and suddenly they think they can’t do that and since they think that…they then come up with excuse why people should not do it because they are fearful of trying it themselves. CrossFit is meant for every person on the planet because every workout can be scaled, or adjusted, to the person’s individual ability. But this articles is not about every person on the planet its about those special kids who are high school athletes who want to excel on the field and/or court.

crossfit locations

CrossFit Increases The Number High School Athletes Strength

High school athletes and steroids is not what we preach. We believe that as a CrossFit athlete with proper diet and correct supplementation new levels can be reached because CrossFit offers more than increased core strength, increased body strength, increased mobility and increased stamina. The sport of fitness does more than the amazing aspects that we just listed. CrossFit for high school athletes will dwarf all other workout regiments out there who try to compete. Does CrossFit Get You Ripped…hell yeaahh!! Most people who do CrossFit are pleasantly surprised by the body that they develop. You will develop bigger stronger quicker muscles from our daily WOD programming. Crossfit for high school athletes is incomparable to old school training methods.

CrossFit For High School Athletes Get That Mental Edge

So I want to share with you the priceless gift that CrossFit for high school athletes Downtown LA offers the local high school athletes. This priceless gift is mental toughness!! That’s right in a country full of entitled kids who believe they deserve everything just because they do, the rarity of an athlete who is willing to work hard for what they want and able to tough out the ups and downs of life CrossFit will give you that. With so many high school athletes grades slipping because they are not mentally tough enough or too lazy to take care of business in the classroom. Once you begin with us everything in your life will improve because you will be transformed into a new person who can kick ass at whatever task is in front of them.

What’s The Typical High School Athletes Diet

You know the typical high school athletes diet is very poor, but with our training and meal plan education we help those athletes who want to take their skills to the next level of fitness. Now just think how you will preform on the field/court when you are mentally tougher, physically stronger, have more stamina and better nutrition you just became better than your competition who has only been lifting weights the old fashioned way. Just think of how much more attention you will be getting from recruiters and reporters when you are outperforming everyone on the field/court. Many high school athletes going pro is a dream that many hold in their minds or some want to get a college scholarship because they want to have the college experience for FREE!! When you adapt this way of life you will see a change in what you eat because CrossFit eat to perform to their max full potential. Crossfit for high school athletes is the new wave of training.

High School Athletes Grades Road Block to Greatness

So many high athletes grades steal their dreams from them. I feel this happens because although a coach wants you out on the field the old school way of sports coaching is not enough. CrossFit will also prepare you for class and life, because its real and always changing and keeps you in a space of constantly learning. AND guess what??? That is exactly what school is so when you apply what you learn in CrossFit to school and your sports career you are light years ahead of the other athletes.

CrossFit For High School Athletes Is A Necessity!

Now here is the best part of it all, being a student you pay less than regular members and we will help you get started with 7 DAYS FREE!! Don’t wait any longer come down and see why CrossFit for high school athletes is a necessity for you.

CrossFit Smiley Streets @

Los Angeles Health & Fitness

1377 S. Flower St
Los Angeles,

(213) 973-2695

Crossfit for high school athletes is what every serious athlete needs to be doing NOW!.

Where to Take The Best Exercise Classes DTLA?

Where to Take The Best Exercise Classes DTLA?

Have you been searching around for places to take exercise classes DTLA well look no further you have come to the right place. Los Angeles Health & Fitness has what you have been looking for and beyond. We specialize in personal training and group fitness training. As the owner of 2 downtown los angeles local CrossFit facilities we know exactly what you need in order to get that body you always wanted. No more wasting you time with home exercise routines or fad diets we get you submerged in the healthy lifestyle from your first day.


TIP! Limit your weight lifting time to one hour. After an hour, your body stops building muscle and goes into preservation mode.

What Does Zumba and Pilates Lack?

These types of exerices classes lack absolutely nothing if what you want to do is learn how to move your hips. The true fact is zumba is a Brazilian dance workout modeled after women who shake their rump in Brazil as their profession. These women are professional dancers and they work hard at getting good at zumba and going to a class twice a week yes may be fun and get you a good sweat but it wont shed those pound like you want or give you that big round booty like they claim. But guess what those zumba classes will get you committed to following routine to be on a better path. That is if you show up!

 best exercise classes dtla

With pilates you get a great core workout working those inner and small muscles all over the body. I have experienced a pilates class and it was a good workout. But it did not give me the same results as I have gotten from CrossFit style training and know it would have never gotten me to a position to where I could squat 285 pounds or done a ring muscle up. So there is one thing that I believe in my own personal opinion that these workouts lack compared to functional movement workouts of pushing, pulling, climbing, crawling, jumping and many other functional movements being performed in a group setting.

TIP! Maintain a journal so that you can record everything throughout the day. This log should include not only the workouts you complete, but also any additional exercises completed throughout your day.

What Do Exercise Classes DTLA offer?

I am no stronger than I have ever been in my life, in the best shape of my life, lowest body fat percent in my life play soccer in a league where most of the players are in their 20’s and Im kicking their butts and Im just about to be 40 years old. The Exercise classes DTLA at CrossFit Mean Streets and CrossFit Smiley Streets have transformed my mind and body like I could have never believed and that is the priceless fact about these exercise classes dtla that are offered. A priceless gift that will never be taken from me and something I know I would have never gotten from any other type of exerice classes online, on video or in person. Best LA workout is what yu have always been longing for you know it come see us now

TIP! Do exercises you don’t like and feel accomplished that you conquered them. It is thought that people don’t do exercises at which they don’t excel.

exercise classes dtla
24 Hour Fitness Downtown LA cant come close to what we offer because we care if you show up or not.

Come Try The Best LA Workout You Will Ever Experience

Many times people wonder what the best weight loss exercises are and how to do them. The kicker is exercise really has nothing to do with weight loss but the big corporations don’t want you to know that…ooopps. Exercise is great don’t get me wrong it helps you build muscle relieve stress and there are certainly benefits to exercises to lose belly fat. Don’t wait any longer if you are in the Eagle Rock, Monterey Park, South Park Downtown LA, Silver Lake, Edendale, Westlake, Fashion District, Montecito Heights or University of Southern California areas come see us and transform you life, body, mind and health with the best exercise classes DTLA has to offer.

Los Angeles Health and Fitness
CrossFit Mean Streets
265 S. Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 290-2367

CrossFit Smiley Streets
1377 S. Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 973-2695