Caring For Your Body Means Caring About Nutrition at CrossFit Smiley Streets

How to Improve Your Nutrition?

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Use these tips for a better body. Many of us in CrossFit practice different variations of the paleo and zone diet. There are many levels to which you can commit to these diets or not at all.


What foods to Choose?

Choose foods from all of the colors of the rainbow! Fruits and vegetables with bright colors are good for you, and usually low in calories. See to it that every meal that you eat contains lots of vegetables. If the skins are edible, make sure to eat those too, since many of the antioxidant benefits are in the skins. Avoid baked & sweet potato skins as those are very high in free radicals and cause oxidation inside the body.

What is Mother Natures Super Anti-oxidant?

You should ensure that you get plenty of selenium in your diet. Selenium has been proven to reduce the occurance of breast cancer by 82%, lung, colon and prostrate cancers. This is an important mineral because it actually can help to keep your skin looking younger. In addition, selenium can protect the body from free radicals and their harmful effects by increasing the production of glutathione, the mother of all anti-oxidants, which is your bodies natural production of anti-oxidants. It can also shield the skin from being damaged by the sun. Tuna, eggs, Brazil nuts, wheat germ, and brown rice all provide excellent amounts of selenium.

Eating healthy is great, but eating too much, even healthy foods, can cause problems. We like to think of food as fuel not an emotional crutch. When you run into over eating or eating to satisfy some emotional issue it is time to be honest with yourself take a look at you and make some changes.

What About Process Sugar vs Natural Sugars?

You should monitor the amount of sugar you ingest when you are trying to eat healthy. If you are concerned about sugar, fruit juice may not be the best substitute for soda because fruit juice can be very sugary. This sometimes is not the case as some of these fruit juices have more sugar than regular soda. It is always a good idea to know all of the ingredients in the foods and beverages we ingest. Water of course is the number one liquid to drink and if you are active you will want to drink your weight in ounces of water every day.

Are Artificial Sweetners More Bad Than Good?

Don’t consider artificial sweeteners as a substitute to cut sugars from your food intake, because most of them are harmful and cause more damage inside the body than from eating sugar in the first place. Excessive sugar consumption can cause health issues, including conditions of the heart. Splenda and Stevia are both horrible choices as well, but many out think that it is a good alternative to sugar. If you absolutely must have some sugar local organic honey is an option or raw untreated sugar. When sugar occurs in fruit your body will process it differently, but when you juice fruits you leave a lot in the juicer and it become not very good for you.

A good piece of advice is to drink a glass of water before you eat dinner which will make you feel full and hopefully want to eat less. If you have a snack before dinner, you won’t be famished when you fill your plate.

As you have seen, to be in the best shape possible, you need to eat properly. From your eyes to toenails to your brain, minerals, nutrients and vitamins are the reason everything keeps working. Use the tips here to ensure you get all the nutrition you need.

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Caring For Your Body Means Caring About Nutrition at CrossFit Smiley Streets
Learn proper nutrition at CrossFit Smiley Streets. If you want to live a long healthy life, you should be concerned with your nutrition. A healthy diet, along with proper supplementation, not only keeps your muscles and bones strong so you are physically fit, it also keeps your hair, skin and nails healthy so you look your best too.