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Made this workout in 2011. We had an all star cast do it. Since then I got contacted at least every 6 months asking for detail. I hope this video explains it all.

Original whiteboard:

inception ronnie teasdale wod

And Original Post:


We will do this workout Thursday night. This is Artwalk (2nd Thursday of the month downtown turns into a mad house) ,… and all year we have been doing lots of working out on Artwalk nights… We usually start warming up around 8:30, and don’t really leave the gym till 1ish in the morning. This week we have an awesome workout that I just made up,… it may literally take forever to do,… but everyone participating is part of a team, and we don’t stop until everyone is saved.

If you are competent in all lifts, and can do most of the body weight movements, then you are invited. If you are a badass from another gym and want to come by then come on.

The WOD is not easy to understand. But I will attempt to explain it as best as possible….. well not really,… I am just going to write,… if you don’t get it then you will have to wait till Thursday night when its explained and done.

The main layer is 150 wallballs. Elite status uses 30lbs for guys and 20 lbs for girls. And we scale down in weight from there.

The object is to complete 150 wallballs.

Elite Status is 30lbs for guys and 20lbs for women

Intermediate to Advanced should use 20-25lbs for guys and 15-20lbs for women

Beginners shouldn’t really do this workout, But if one wants to attempt, they should heavily scale every exercise.

Every time you break though you have to go down a layer and do another workout.

The 150 wallballs are broken up into 3 separate sections:




If you break during any of those zones you will go down into a different layer and do the workouts in those layers. If you break the exercise in the second layer, you will go down to the next layer and so on and so on. When you are down layers of exercise the only way to get out is to complete all the tasks that you are assigned to according to the map. The best way to get out is to do as much as possible unbroken.

Unbroken is defined as completing the single movement until moving on to the next movement.



If you break wallballs from 1-80 then you must do Fran

-If you break Thrusters you do 100 Sledgehammers

–If you break Sledgehammers you run 1/3 of a mile

-If you break Pullups you do Annie

–If you break double unders you do 40 KB swings (53/35)

–If you break Situps you do 30 burpees


If you break wallballs from 81-115 you do Elizabeth

-If you break cleans you do 21-15-9 KB snatch70/53, and L-sit (seconds)

–If you break snatches row 1500m

–If you break the L-sit do 50 back ext

-If you break ring dips do 2 rope climbs(touch and go, no rest) and 30 ball slams

–If you break rope do a 150ft bear crawl (50ft, there back and there)

–If you break ball slam do 100ft crab walk(50ft there and back)

—If you break either crawl or walk you practice Handstand walking until saved


If you break wallballs from 116-149 you do 35 snatches (95/65)

-If you break the snactches you do 65 pushups

–If you break the pushups you do body weight yolk walk 100ft holding with your forearms.


-Workout is not over until every team member gets out of 150 wallballs (our team will be everyone that participates).

-Once you finish you may go back and save teammates.

-When in someone else’s layer same rules apply, if any ex

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