By Coach Nina:

Welcome 2014 with a solid plan.

Visualize the best YOU possible. Take steps each day to advance.

I call them microsteps. Instead of overhauling your entire existence or dumping one sector and replacing it with some new untested unknown module, just micro-upgrade every existing element.

In the world of mathematics there are terms like iterate, incremental and margin of error. There are optimization programs that repeatedly recalculate current positioning and determine what is adjacent, which direction is up or down. So in life, in each tiny action and decision we repeatedly make each day, each hour each minute, you have opportunity.


Making every decision and tiny step just a little better, a tad more efficient, swinging baby steps in your favor. Life is an overwhelming number of variables that most humans are unable to comprehend the true complexity. We like to simplify our daily view, take sides, define ourselves with kindred political groups, religions, dietary preferences, wardrobe choices.

Once a choice is made we might just stick with it to make there be less daily decisions. “Hey yesterday I was a centrist – I think I will do that again today!”

But hidden in all the things we do each day are tiny opportunities to be better, strive higher, live a better quality of life.

So if in the back of your mind those little idea about “I should”, “I could” “What if I?” “Wow, so and so did blah blah blah…”

Just go ahead and do all those tiny baby steps towards incrementally more awesomeness. Being a tiny bit better isn’t as scary or demanding as giant leaps of change and faith, throwing out babies with bath water and cold turkey or pigeon or whatever.


Just take your life and SPIN it like the Pundits do towards awesome. It’s like steering a giant glacier of details in the direction that you want. Be honest with yourself and choose where you want to be. Lean and get there.

If it works on radio and in the news, we can do it for ourselves. Sell the best aspects of yourself. Own but minimize your trouble areas. Confronted with a moment of pitching into fear or reaching with hope, choose hope over and over again. There are SO MANY things we are successful at everyday! Walking! Put one foot in front of the other on something where you have been hanging back mentally. Most accomplishments are just like walking. No one cheers our every foot fall….so you wont get applause the entire way from the front door to the car, but it’s still WORTH IT!

So steer your glacier where you choose and make all the details of every day lean and spin the same way. Avoid fighting your own dreams and make 2014 ROCK for you and yours.


On December 1st you did 1 round of this. Today you will do 3:

(3 rounds)

Run 800m
12 Front squats 165lbs/105
Run 200m
11 Pullups
Run 400m
5 Power Snatches 165/105lbs


1 min each. For max reps. At the beginning of each station you do 5 situps before doing the movement.
-Start at a Different Station each round.

5 rounds:

-Single Jump Ropes
-Speed Skaters 4ft
-Hold bumper plate over head and High knees
-Light weight KB Turkish Getups
-Light weight KB Windmill (stretch)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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