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CrossFit and Stength:


Downtown Los Angeles










Ring Dips


Run 1200m
50ft bear crawl
10 Kettlebell Swings
20 Wallballs
Run 800m
50ft bear crawl
10 Kettlebell Swings
20 Wallballs
Run 400m
50ft bear crawl
10 Kettlebell Swings
20 Wallballs

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles





2 min AMRAP:

2 Burpees
4 walking lunges(knee to ground and to full extension at top)

rest 2 min

3 min AMRAP:

4 Hanging Windmills (get torso parallel to ground if possible)
1 arm Strict Plate Press X 10 each side (hold plate on bottom by gripping from underneath, and press up)15/10lbs


8 Min:

Every Minute on the minute:

1 Split Jerk
1 Front Squat

(use around 75% of 1RM jerk)


5 Rope Climbs for time


Perform each round as fast as possible and then rest precisely 2 minutes in between each round

5 rounds of:

20 burpees
30 squats
40 Grasshoppers
50 Med Ball(or any weighted item) Twists
Shuttle Run in Alley: Run to gate opening and back, to first gate end and back, to end of first building at back.
Rest 2 min

(may scale to half the reps, to keep up intensity)

7pm Whip:


20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Squats
Rest 3 Mins
Repeat All For 5 Rounds

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Donating Toys


We have this box up at the front of the gym. We would like to fill this box up with gifts for kids who are 13 and under. The gifts are going to benefit the kids of the PAL program that some of us coaches participate in for the LAPD.

Do something for someone else!


Row Max Kcal 4 Min
Rest 1 Min
Max Hand Stand Pushups 3 Min
Rest 1 Min
Max Bodyweight Back Squats (3/4 Women) 2 Min
Rest 1 Min
Max Kettlebell Swings 70/53 1 min


1 Arm Dumbbell Press

-each arm


3 rounds, 45 sec each station, 15 sec transition. No rest after round

1: Chinups
2: Pushup on Box to 2 Jumping Jacks
3: Dumbbell Row
4: Plate Thruster (25/15)
5: Walking Lunge

After that set is complete, rest 3 minutes then do 3 rounds:

15 oblique roll up
15 Leg Lifts
15 Supermans

Rest 3 minutes

4 Rounds

50ft Skips as high as possible
50ft Carioca
50ft Bear Crawl

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Honoring Joe

Joe Lengel, the owner of the Intensity CrossFit gym on Warehouse Drive, was shot and killed last Monday morning. A day later, Intensity CrossFit gym in East Toledo joined up at Black Swamp Crossfit in Sylvania to dedicate this crossfit workout routine to Joe.

Before the workout began, Aaron Lengel, one of Joe’s sons, spoke about his father.”What my dad demonstrated with his life was any community he was in, he was for other people, he poured his life into other people,” Joe said.

Tuesday’s timed workout was appropriately titled, “Joe.” The slain gym owner’s son said the workout, created by Joe’s two sons, was designed as a tribute to the man who inspired many through exercise.

One round of “Joe” consisted of 10 thrusters, 10 bar-facing burpees, 10 pull-ups, and 57 double-unders with a jump rope. To complete workout, ten rounds had to completed.

“My dad loved thrusters,” Aaron said. “We were thinking about putting over-head squats in the workout because he hated over-head squats. We went with Burpees instead. He did not like those either. He loved pull-ups.”

57 was the number chosen for the double-unders, because that was how old Joe was when he died. “Double-unders were the movement that kept (Joe) out of the 2010 Crossfit games,” Aaron said.

“This is just a testament to who he was, and the legacy that he leaves.” Breaking News, Weather and Sports




10 rounds:

10 thrusters 95/65
10 bar facing burpees
10 pullups
57 Double Unders


2 min each station
-must start each round with 5 burpees

2 Rounds:

-Alt one arm ring row
-Med ball Twists
-Alt KB swings (switch hands at eye level)
-Sledge Hammer (alt if you can)
-Speed Skaters

7pm WHIP:


5 Rounds For Time
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps
30 Wall Balls 20lbs

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Christmas party is on Dec 8th!


This will be a real party. We will probably be opened up for business around 8pm. But stuff will start to be getting nuts around 10pm. Do not miss out.

Invite your friends.





2 squat cleans,
2 split jerks (alternating legs)
6 burpees
12 double unders

Rest 2 min

Amrap 4 min
2 squat cleans,
2 split jerks (alternating legs)
6 burpees
12 double unders

Post wod Strength:

Back squat

3 x 3

Working sets:

3 sec decent
1 sec hold on bottom
Start to drive up (1-2in) then go back down and bounce out explosively.


4 Rounds

1 min each for max reps

Wall Ball Push Press (wallball to 11 feet without the full squat)
Ball Slams
Box Jump
Sumo Deadlift High Pull with Kettlebell
Row for calories

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA


Mini Comp


Mini Triathalon:

For time:

Bike 50 cal
Run 400m
Row 500m


8 rounds of Tabata toes through rings
-score is lowest round


Wall ball style(full squat, no granny throws): hit the ceiling by the ropes with the heaviest ball possible.


3 min clock:

Two movements:

Hold a 95/65lbs barbell overhead
Air squat (only counts if its ass to grass)

Every second barbell is overhead is a point.

Every air squat is a point

Team CrossFit

Teams of 3:

2 persons working at one time, can’t move onto next station until current station is complete:

Run 800m
10 Deadlifts (455 for 2 guys/ 255 for 2 girls/ 315 for 1 of each)
50 toes to bar
100 push-ups
Run 800m
10 Deadlifts
100 Press barbell from one side of head to full ext then down to other. Face partner (guys have 55lbs on their side, females: 25lbs)
Run 1200m



10 deadlifts 225/155
20 pull-ups
30 box jumps 24/20
40 alt kettlebell swings (switch hands at eye level)70/53
50 double-unders
40 alt kettlebell swing 70/53
30 box jumps 24/20
20 pull-ups
10 deadlifts 225/155


Muscle snatch:

2 x 50%
2 x 60%
1 x 65%

High hang snatch, to below the knee to full snatch

8 sets increasing weight

Snatch grip deadlift:

2 x 10
2 x 8
4 x 6

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles




1 Handstand Pushups
2 Wall Balls Max Height Throws (30/20) (start with a squat, and must catch ball)
Sprint 30m (first tree and back)
4 pullups
Say your number of completed rounds after you complete your pullup

Time Limit: 35min


6 rounds for time of:

.4 mile Run
11 reps strict pullup or ring rows
11 Walking lunge steps, carrying 35/20 kbs or dumbbells in each hand
11 45lbs thrusters

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Thanksgiving schedule

Wednesday night:

-no 6pm CrossFit (there will be whip)
-no 8pm CrossFit or Fundamentals

Thursday: closed


9:00am cf
10:30am whip
4:30pm cf
6:00pm whip
7:00pm cf






5 rounds:

1 rope climb
10 DB Snatch right arm 55/30
10 DB Snatch left arm 55/30
5 cycles through 90 degree jumps: (line up next to box so right shoulder is next to box, jump turning 90 degrees on top of the box, stand up, jump off turning right and landing with left shoulder next to box. Then jump turning left on top of the box, then jump off landing left. This is one cycle


On every even minute for 16 minutes: Sprint 200m on the rowing machine

On every odd minute: 6 Pushups with elbow touch (pushup, when coming up right knee touches right elbow, and repeat on other side) 3 each side.

4 min rest:

AMRAP 3 min:

6 situps
9 squats

rest 2 min:


Jumprope singles

CrossFit Mean Streets