Basile, Andrea and I went and competed in a mostly endurance event this weekend. We did not train for it at all. We knew there would be Treadmill, Bike, and Cable Cross Machine. Three things that we NEVER train on. We had no idea who we were competing against or what kind of workouts we would have to do. But we were the team that was representing CrossFit. I was contacted by Freemotion a couple weeks prior and I accepted and we showed up.

I am writing this to attest that although we rarely ever do a mono-structural movements for longer than a couple minutes we did pretty well. We competed against triathlon teams, and ultra marathoners. Mostly in the 20 minute time domain. They were definitely badass on the bike and treadmill. But we didn’t get smoked. The differences between us and them on the “cardio” pieces was nowhere near the differences between them and us on the cable cross machine. This event used the cables to measure strength and although we never use those to train we were able to adapt fine. The other teams were getting destroyed on it. They had no strength at all.

So when it comes to CrossFit vs endurance sports. Go with CrossFit hands down. You will be almost as good at endurance sports as someone who does it full time, and just as awesome at everything else in fitness.

We ended up taking Second Place. The LA Triathlon team took first.



20 rep back squat

-This is the last time we are doing this for awhile. So get here and make it count


3min Watt test on the Watt Bike


3 Rounds not for time:

10-15 incline pushups on one leg
20 sec L-sit


12 reps each.
2 movements per station
Do 3 rounds with 2 min rest in between each round


Empty Barbell skull crusher (lying on floor) to ab crunch
Ball Slam


Wall Ball
Lay down on ground with feet up, knees bent. Take a dumbbell and twist side to side touching the ground

Push Up on the Bosu Ball with one Foot
Pullups (Do ring rows if you need to scale)

Mountain climber -4 reps, to jumping jack
Shoulder Bridges with 3 second hold at top (squeeze butt)

Take 2 minutes rest, then do a cool down Mile run

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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