Sorry for the inconvenience. And the 11:30 open gym will be moved back to noon.

Check this out, it’s Ryan from Forged Clothing over the course of 1 month of Paleo:

I had a similar experience when I started Paleo. I was already in good shape, and I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks and got stronger. I then gained that weight back plus 10 more pounds over the course of the next year. Pretty much all muscle, because I gained in all components of fitness.

These results ARE typical if you go 100% Paleo (working out or not). I lecture to people all the time that this is not something that allows for a lot of cheating. If you want massive change then go all the way.

CrossFit & Whip:

run 5k (9laps)

-If you are really sore from this week, it is good to just do this at a jogging pace and use this as a day off.

-OR you can hit it as hard as you can in typical style.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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