Strength 1:

20 rep Squat
-for max weight

Strength 2:

Find max weight you can do the following sequence 10 rounds unbroken:

Push Press
Push Jerk


Max 500m row


Five stations, each station is 2 minutes long. Two different movements at each station, at one minute each. There is no rest after each station, just a ten second transition time to get situated at the next and then start right when you get there! Two rounds of TEN MIN STRAIGHT) and then Third round is the sprint cycle! (30 secs each movement, 1 min each station, 5 min total)
Station 1:
1st min- Row
2nd min- (still sitting on rower w seats pushed all the way back)seated DB Clean & Jerk
Station 2:
1st min- Jump rope singles
2nd min- Double Unders (if can’t, do Double under attempts the entire time)
Station 3:
1st min- Wall Ball hops (hop over ball with feet together)
2nd min- Ball Slams
Station 4:
1st min-Barbell thrusters
1st min-Barbell OH hold
Station 5:
1st min-skier
1st min- front squats with sandbag

Make this ten min cycle consistant, not stopping, fast transitions, and 2 min rest between each round. People will be dispersed throughout the stations evenly to start (you might start at station 5 then do 1,2,3 then 4)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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