Our Parkour instructor: Gnarly Charly

Basile’s second week in a row on the Podium:

crossfit mean streets, los angeles, downtown los angeles, crossfit

Basile and Amani taking 3rd place at the Valentine's day Competition last weekend

Fischer Squatting 360lbs…..20 TIMES!

….Oh and in July Stacey is taking the National Physical Therapy Board Exam to become a doctor of Physical Therapy,… which is also very impressive.


5 rounds:

Row 250m
take the rest of the 2min to get as much snatches as possible(95/65)
rest 2 min


8 rounds of tabata each station. 1 min rest in between stations:

1 Air Dyne
2 Sandbag(men)/Versa Fit log (ladies) clean and jerk
3 Floor Squats
4 Stationary High Knees
5 Ski
6 4(men)/3(ladies) burpees as fast as possible -rest rest of 20 seconds
7 One arm Push Press with Dumbbells (switch arms every 5 reps)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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