Overhead Squat:


3 Rounds
-do each round unbroken
-rest as needed in between rounds:
-not for time

7 power snatches
7 Overhead Squats
7 Snatch Balances

If your 3RM overhead squat was >165 use 95lbs
145-165 use 85lbs
125-145 use 75lbs
105-125 use 65lbs
85-105 use 55lbs
under 85 use 45 or less

Row Sprints:

3 rounds:
Row 300m
rest 2 min


-2 min each station 1 min rest in between
-must start each round with 20 air squats

2 Rounds:

1. 1 legged ring row (alt legs every 5)
2. situps
3. single jump rope, with every 10th rep being a double under, or an attempt
4. KB swings (height to eyes)
5. sledge hammer onto tire

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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