For those or you who were doing this worldwide competition: WOD CLUB OPEN,… the winner’s circle is filled with familiar names. JP over from Brick got 1st, Fish got 2nd, Ronnie got 3rd, and Andrea dominated the Women’s division. We also got payed,… not bad for 3 workouts under 10 minutes each. There are videos of everyone on the site: here.

Mens overall winners:
1st Jarett Perlmutter – $500
2nd Ryan Fisher – $250
3rd Ronnie Teasdale – $125
4th Nate Schrader – $75
5th Chase Daniels – $50

Womens overall winners:
1st Andrea Ager – $500
2nd Cheryl Nasso – $250
3rd Melissa Dinsmore – $125
4th Ashleigh Moe – $75
5th Christine Watts – $50



pick ANY 3 of the following and spend 5 minutes on each:

double unders
rope climbs
kipping pullups
handstand pushups
muscle ups
clean n jerk


10min. AMRAP
30 double unders OR 60 single unders
15 ground to overhead (snatch or clean n jerk) 75/65lbs


1 min on 1 min off Switch stations every minute.

4 rounds:

1. Double Unders
2. Kettlebell Zercher Squats
3. Standing Med Ball Wood Choppers (use very light ball)
4. Standing Med Ball Wood Chopper on other side
5. 1 arm Dumbbell Row

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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