Warm Up:

3 rounds, switch exercises on row, du, ski

Jog 530m/ 150 Double Unders/ 500m Ski
10 1 legged hyper ext on both legs
4 rounds of: (1 rope climb/ 20 sec Lsit hold/ 15 squats)
-on Lsit use highest object possible and put under feet and dont touch them


Work up to 1RM Push Jerk
-use perfect form


in 35 minutes figure out the best weight to do “Bear Trap WOD 2 from WOD CLUB OPEN.

In two minutes do reps of for total pounds moved:
You choose the weight and multiply it by total reps for total score.
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 front squat
1 push press
(back rack)
1 back squat
1 back rack press.
Each round is 6 reps, score is total reps multiplied by the weight(including bar) in pounds.

Its a modified bear complex, but all movements can flow:

Start by filming your weights
Deadlift must return to ground. This may be different than a traditional bear complex. Watch the movement standards video.
Power clean can join to squat clean, which can join to press (esentially this becomes a clean to thruster)
Back squat can join to back rack press.
We will be judging that you hit the bottoms of the squats and the tops of the presses.
You may submit as many workout scores as you like, and we anticipate you will as this workout requires strategy to figure out the winning combination between weight vs speed.

So try 2 minutes with one weight. Rest fully, and then try a different weight.


3-5 sets of 5-10 reps lifting stone from ground to above chest height

30 for 31 Challenge DAY 8

Day 8: 30 for 31 day Challenge. 30 Jumping Over Head Squats (95/65). Thanks to FGB Hawaii Kai for putting the video together and joining the fun! Standards – Hips bellow 90 and Hips completely open at the top. Slight jump at the top of the squat. Jump should be high enough to fit a fist underneath your feet. Penalty for breaking: If you break and drop the bar there is a 1 rep bear penalty. 1 rep consists of (in progression) 1 dead lift, hang clean, front squat, push press, rear squat, rear push press. Once bear rep is completed you may complete your Jumping OHS. For more details of technique please ask your coach. Scale accordingly. Make it challenging but not impossible. Remember to have fun, be safe and train hard!

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Downtown Los Angeles

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