We moved the meeting back to 9:20 to assure that everyone can make it. This meeting is mandatory for anyone who is on the competition team, and for anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a competitor. This is open to all levels of athletes looking to improve their game.

I realize this is late. But I picked this time because this is an opportunity worth losing sleep over. I think most of you are done with all of your priorities by then, and you should be all able to make it. We have a lot of topics to go over. I don’t know how long this meeting is going to last. But we will go as long as we need to in order to make us all better:


Our gym used to be located on the 11th floor of a building downtown. Because of this we had neighbors, so we never used to drop our weights. This was good because it forced us to never take workouts to the point of not being able to control the barbell. It also worked on a very important aspect of the lift: the decent, which is just as important as the ascent. This made us all strong, and for those of us going to competitions where dropping was allowed, we were able to dominate because the movements seemed easier.

Also we have had some coaches at our gym who used to train outside of mean streets in environments when they couldn’t drop. Victor is a fireman and trains in a gym at his station with metal plates, and Mark used to go to USC, and train in the rec center with metal plates. And these two guys were badass, because their core is being strengthened more than people who can just drop barbells from above their head.

I contemplated making our gym 100% no dropping in order to make us stronger. But have not fully committed to this decision. For now we will be sprinkling in WOD’s where there is no dropping aloud. Please respect this standard as your coach will make you use lighter weight if you cannot handle your bar properly. Of course it will be ok to drop rather than hurting yourself, but being able to put stuff down properly, and training to do so, is just as important as picking stuff up.

It will be reflected in today’s WOD.


Push Press 5-3-3-1-1


“Ronnie Teazy Mean Streezy visits Pink Iron”



Push Jerk (135/95)
Back Squat
In between each round do 1 kip up (scaling is a stand up)

You get one minute to work then you must row/ski/run(to corner and back) 250m. When you get back look at the clock, work for a minute then do the “cardio” aspect.

Here is a vid of andrea, aris and I doing it last year:

Watch more video of Ronnie Teasdale on sicfit.com


Run 1 mile with a 45/35 weight plate (start at hydrant, leave plate at hydrant)
Run back to gym (100m)
Do 50 med ball squat clean thrusters (20/16)
Run to hydrant to pick up plate (100m) and then do overhead walking lunges back to gym with it.
Run one mile with Med ball

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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