Class will be only lifting. Anyone who wants to get stronger should come. Will be fun,…. The FISH will be spitting some mad coaching during these sessions.


For Time:

Run 1 mile


“Jimmy O”

5 rounds for time of:
21 Wall Balls 20 lbs
25 m Bear Crawl
3 15 ft Rope Climbs
200 m Row


Tabata style (20sec on 10sec off). 8 rounds then rest a minute then move on to next station:

1: Barbell Overhead Squat (45/35)
2: Running Jump Rope (singles)
3: 1 Pushup (pushup should take all 20 seconds, 10 sec down, 10 sec up)
4: 12in box step ups (4 rounds lead with left, 4 rounds lead with right)
5: Supine windshield wipers
6: Bear Crawl
7: 1 Barbell Good Morning
8: LAST STATION: Jog 800m backwards safely!

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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