We are really excited to bring in Ryan Fischer. You may have seen him around already, you will see a lot more of him. He is a legit athlete competing at the national and world level at several sports including bicycling, bobsledding, skeleton, olympic weightlifting (he holds state titles in utah) and hopefully soon to be CrossFit. He has been working in gyms for most of his adult life and was the head strength and conditioning coach of the mexican bobsled team. He has coached at several CrossFit gyms and is now relocating to LA to join our family.

Here is more about him in his own words (i stole this from his feature on the oc throwdown website):

Ever hear the expression, “Everybody is good at something?” Well I have always wanted to be great at something, not just good. Kind of an obsession I guess really. In high school, I played lacrosse, football, ran track, cross-country, and I was a world ranked BMX racer. After graduating high school in New Jersey (yes, I am from the jersey shore, but I do not know Pauly D or the Situation) there was a brief moment, about a year and half where I wasn’t competing in anything and I could feel that there was just something missing, that inner drive to push yourself past your comfort zone. CrossFitters know what im talking about or anyone who has played in a team sport. To make a long story short, I moved from Hawaii to Utah and began training in the sport of skeleton (lying headfirst down the bobsled track) in the winter and weightlifting in the summer. I even did a year of bobsled too. Made it all the way to Olympic trials for skeleton and national championships for weightlifting. If you have read this far then you can see that I really just like to do everything and I have never been able to just completely focus my efforts in just one sport, which is why CrossFit is so appealing to me. You have to be good at so many different things and the workouts are almost always different so the challenge is always there, it never gets boring. I look forward to the day I can where a 21-15-9 t-shirt and no one will ask me what it means. Everyone will know what Fran is and everyone will know what CrossFit is.

Facebook video of Fish back squatting 335lbs for 27 reps!: Here


“Chocolate Kale”

Amrap 13
1 20 ft rope climb
5 135/95bls over head squats
10 kettlebell swings 70/53
15 Hand release pushups with feet elevated 4in, thighs cannot touch ground



CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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