crossfit mean streets

Kat, Stacey, Basile and Ronnie representing mean streets at WoD Gear Team Comp

CrossFit Competitions are really fun. This Sunday was an awesome day of fun events. IF you are interested in training for something,… there are a few coming up:

West Coast WOD WARS Feb 4th -a guy girl comp
StrongFit Feb 2011 -A strong man meets CrossFit comp.
Next Level Invitational -Starting their new series in Feb
St Valentines day massacre Feb 11th-a guy/girl comp

They will increase your experience, you will make tons of friends, and be able to experience the sport of CrossFit first hand. There is nothing better than spending your weekends being competitive and hanging out with a whole group of people that care about health and fitness.

And of course we need a ton of people to come and support at the: OC THROWDOWN. We have several people competing in this event. It is at an indoor arena in Orange county Jan 14-15 and will have some of the top CrossFitters from around the world coming to compete. This competition is by qualification only, and out of 1100 people they took the top 150 guys and 100 girls.



“Beaded pull string from light bulbs”

800 m Run
30 Shoulder-to-Overheads
800 m Run

Weight for Shoulder to Overhead based on 1RM Push Jerk

*Over 240: 185lbs
200-240: 165lbs
165-200: 135lbs
**135-165: 105lbs
105-135: 70-80lbs
80-105: 55-65
under 80: under 55


Front Squat

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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