8 rounds for time of:
3 Supine Ring Pulls
6 Plyo Push-ups
9 Air Squat (Jumping)s
32 ft Bear Crawl


200m row at 90%
rest about 4 min

400m row at 85%
rest about 4 min

500m row PR attempt


w/ buddy: carry 1x 20lb med ball and 1x 45lb plate (scale as needed):
Run 1 mile w/ 20lb med ball and 45lb plate then one buddy does sprints 80m ( to hydrant, with ball) and does med ball cleans until the other catches up doing Overhead Walking Lunge 45 lbs. Run back 80m switch
then Run 1 Mile with med ball and 45lb plate if you fail to make it back in 35 min; complete 500 single jump ropes as a team, one person working at a time.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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