Did you know that we make up and experiment with WODs a lot? And we usually put them all on the WOD Experimental Board. Some of the WODs up on the experimental board end up making it to the classes. I watched Andrea, Jen and Aris do this WOD,… there was lots of pain in their eyes. The RX weight is 30/20. Attempt this only if you can get below parallel with good form and get the ball up to the ten foot mark (guys and ladies) every time.


For Time:

50 Wall Balls 30/20 lbs
1 Rope Climb
40 Wall Balls 30/20 lbs
2 Rope Climbs
30 Wall Balls 30/20 lbs
3 Rope Climbs
20 Wall Balls 30/20 lbs
4 Rope Climbs
10 Wall Balls 30/20 lbs
5 Rope Climbs
50 Ring Pull-ups

Post total time.


3 rounds for total reps:

-1 minute KB swings (1.5/1 pood)
-1 minute Push-ups
-1 minute Air Squats
-1 minute Ring Rows
-1 minute Burpees
-1 minute Rest

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    • December 5, 2011

    You are evil. I cannot believe you are making another human being do this!

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