Sunday Massacre

Pre Warm Up:

Stretch out your wrists

Warm Up:

4 rounds
-Run 530m
-Attempt to walk as far as you can on your hands twice/ or kick up to a wall and hold for 10-20 seconds pushing your chest forward as you do this
-10 squat to horizontal ball throws (do with partner, like a wallball but you throw the ball as hard as you can horizontally when you come up from a squat clean).


Work up to 1 Rep Max Bench Press
-allow at least 2 min between your sets when you get heavy

Strength WOD:

Not for time

4 rounds:
-Dumbbell Press with 30% of 1RM BP per arm X 5
-6 20m shuttle sprints on sidewalk
-25 air squats, with a smooth transition to 20″ box jump on #5,10,15,20,25

Stupid WOD:
For Time:

Partner Up.

Each person will be responsible for a 185lbs Grace. So in total the couple needs 60 reps. This will be done outside on the side walk.

One person starts clean and jerking while the other runs down to 2nd street and back. Then the two switch. You two will continue this cycle until you reach a grand total of 60 reps. One person will most likely do more than the other, this is ok.

-For those of you who scale: I will hope everyone man’s up and uses heavy weight. Use 130-140% of your regular grace weight. If need be each person can use a different weighted barbell.

Finish up with:

Stretch your aureolas

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA….. where chaos is beauty

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