If you are interested in competing you must register right at 7pm at Next Level Invitational. This will sell out within minutes and I am not exaggerating. We will allow the 4 computers we have at the gym to be used for registration…. You can also register on your iphone. PLEASE PLAN FOR IT OR YOU WILL BE LEFT OUT.

Also here is a strongman competition this saturday that some of us are going to do. The cost is 35 dollars. To me the 35 dollars is worth the training you will be exposed to. You are paying barely any money to learn and improve on lifts that you are not exposed to in this gym. Info and registration is here: StrongFit Competition.

(registration said 50 when i signed up, it is an error, if this is the case with you, they will refund the 15 at the event)

Wednesday CrossFit:

-100 double unders

WOD 1:

“Intro WOD”:

7 min AMRAP:

-7 thrusters
-7 burpees

-This is the wod we use for our intro classes. We use a 45lbs bar for most males if they can handle it. The top score so far (in an intro class) is 8 and a half rounds. If you are experienced I want you to use 95/65lbs.

WOD 2:

Max effort 2000m Row
-Have FUN!



CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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