Music should not effect your workout to the point that you need to take time out of your workout to ask your coach to change the music. We are deciding what you are doing for workouts, how you do them, and the music you will hear during the workout. If you think you might perform better under different conditions,… remember that we are here to make those decisions for you… So try and stop yourself from thinking too much,… just do.

Fast, loud, hard music is fun,… but we constantly vary everything, and sometime we want you to be able to hear us talking to you… Just remember we are controlling the environment for your benefit,… if you think you would be a better coach,…. come talk to me, I am looking for a bigger team.

I believe that slow music will enhance your workout,… so just trust us:


Run: 3x( 200m + 400m+ 600m)

Rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set. EX. 200m run in 35 sec. rest 35 sec then 400m run, rest 400m time, run 600m, rest 600m time, run 200m, etc.

200m= Groundworks coffee and back
400m= lap through back door
600m= lap through back door, to ground works, and back


Tabata style, 8 rounds each station then rotate. 30 sec rest in between stations

Will be an isolated hold station, then a movement station:

1 Plank on hands and feet
2 Windshield wiper (on back, use abs to twist feet back and forth
3 Bridge
4 Air Squat
5 Hold empty barbell overhead
6 Burpee (without pushup, just hands down, kick feet back (to straight body), then kick feet up and stand, keep arms straight)
7 Wall Squat (squat, leaning against wall, with knees and hips at 90 degrees)
8 Floor bench Press with bar

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    • October 28, 2011

    good job and nice sound!

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