We will be having track workouts at the USC track. These will be 100% running. So imagine an hour that would consist of warm up, skills, drills, and intervals.

Basile will be teaching. Basile ran Indoor and Outdoor Track at Amherst College. He ran the 400, 600, 800, and 4X400 Relay. Basile is a PhD student at USC…..currently pursuing a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literature as part of the Comparative Studies department.

For now if you guys want to bring friends who are currently not Mean Street’s members it will be fine. They just have to be ready and willing to run.




50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:



2010 SouthWest Regionals – Individual WOD #2

5 Rounds for time:
5 Muscle-ups Men / 2 Women
10 Power Cleans 135# / 85 #
200m Run


Whip Con Group Workout
Rules: +10reps for every person present for class per primary exercise. One person completes exercise and others hold a static position waiting for their turn to attempt reps for the class. If person(s) breaks static position while waiting to for their turn 1burpee will be added to end of workout per broken static hold. Don’t let your class down!

Run to light & back (1 run per person)
S: plank

24″ Box jumps
S: squat over medicine ball

95# push press
S: front lateral w.ball hold

Push ups
S: push up position

Lying Leg Raises
S: hold leg raise feet 6″ above floor

Pull ups
S: Hang from bar or chin over bar

1x 520m row
S: overhead hold 15/25#


CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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