For those of you who are missing out. We have an account at Beyond the Whiteboard. We took emails for a couple of days and sent emails to everyone to sign up. If you didn’t receive this email then sign up for the sight(as a free trial) and search for “CrossFit Mean Streets” and ask to join our gym.

This sight tracks everything, and puts it on graphs for you to see. You can track your weight, your food, your WODS. And compare to yourself in the past, and to everyone in the gym or the world. It is great for goal setting also.

Here are some graphs:

The 1st graph is of my 5k times during a set period of time. Notice when I first started CrossFit my time was around 29 minutes. And it quickly decreased in time,… As I looked at this I was puzzled at why the last run is over 20 minutes,…. So I can look at the individual workouts, and in this one I had in the notes, “This was just a cool down. Just joged, and performed after 1.5 hours of a sealfit warm up and 2 workouts.”… So I know why it is slower than the rest.

This graph shows the times of everyone on the site:

So I can see that my fastest time of 17:01 is faster than the majority of the people. And I know where I stand amongst the population of CrossFitters. It’s pretty cool,… great for giving you motivation to hit your goals.

All CrossFit WODs from this gym will be on this site. Do to the variance of Whip, and the impossibility to score some of them,… they won’t always be able to be tracked.



#1: Dumbbell Squat Clean Thruster Ladder

On the minute every minute do 3 Squat Clean Thrusters from the ground. By the start of the next minute you will move up in weight. Go on until you fail to complete 3 reps in one minute. Your score is last completed set.

Guys start with 45lbs
Ladies start with 20lbs

#2 Find 1RM Back Squat


Mobility: wrist/forearm
Warmup: 2rounds
jumping jack x 21
Push up x 15
Jump Squat x 9
Burpee x 5


10 pullups
530m wall ball carry run
21 front squats #65/95
21 push press
21 dead lift

530m wall ball carry run

15 front squats
15 push press
15 dead lift

530m wall ball carry run
9 front squats
9 push press
9 dead lift
10 pull ups

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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