Beyond The Whiteboard is Back!!

crossfit mean streets beyond the whiteboard

Max’s last day is Wednesday…. He is going back to Italy on Thursday!…..We wish him Well!

beyond the whiteboard was designed by crossfitters for crossfitters, anything else need to be said?
We are back using Beyond the Whiteboard. It is a online training journal hosted on the internet. You are welcome to continue using your paper journals that we gave you but this will add to your progress. Letting you compare yourself easier to you of the past and to people all over the world. beyond the whiteboard is made to track your progress all along the way.

Beyond The Whiteboard is a Great Tool

We will be taking your emails in class to send you invites to the website. Check it out,… our first recordable WOD will be todays.

And TODAY is a very important day,…. Bicep curls are in the WOD for CrossFit…. 1st time in the history of CrossFit Mean Streets… (you all can thank Spartan Joe for that addition)…. Bicep curls are pretty pointless….. but we all need to know how to do SOME pointless things,…sometimes beyond the whiteboard is simple to use and you should be on it.


For Time:

Rounds 1 and 2:
15 24/20 in Backward Box Jumps
15 24/20 in Box Jumps
10 Back Squats 165/110 lbs
16 Situp To Stand With Feet Anchoreds
10 Front Squats 165/110 lbs
50 Double Unders
30 Bicep Curls 45/35 lbs (against a wall)
Rounds 3 and 4:
8 24/20 in Backward Box Jumps
7 24/20 in Box Jumps
5 Back Squats 165/110 lbs
8 Situp To Stand With Feet Anchoreds
5 Front Squats 165/110 lbs
25 Double Unders
15 Bicep Curls 45/35 lbs (against a wall)

-For those of you who are not good at double unders. The scale will be you will do the same amount of singles but you must do it with your eyes closed. I want you moving through this fast…. so don’t attempt double unders if you cant do at least 20 in a row on a regular basis.

Times to Beat:

Andrea A. 22:31 RX
Jen R. 23:40 RX
Aris G. 28:09 RX
Spartan Joe 31:39 RX
Ronnie T.18:28 RX
Aaron C. 25:57 RX
Marty M 28:28 -135lbs



CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA beyond the whiteboard needs to be part of your crossfit career, make sure to use it!

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    • September 28, 2011

    NICE PICTURE!!!! it’s been great working with you guys. Thanks for all of your help!!!! I’ll be back!


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