REMINDER: Parkour class starts at 7:00pm from now on, instead of 7:30pm.




4 rounds:

Max Rep Push Press @ 65% of 1 RM
30 Double Unders


Max Rope climb

-Climb up to ceiling, come down, and take no more than 5 seconds at bottom to shake off before going back up again.


Sprint 500m Row
-This should be at 98-99% intensity. Basically 100% without going to that dark place. If your max 500m is 1:25, then because you have already did work this hour, and you aren’t trying to PR then you should aim for a 1:28.

then immediately after
Spend as much time of the next minute in a handstand against wall. Optimally you would be able to do it for 60sec with your heart rate going nuts because of the row.
-Get off rower, look at clock, jump into handstand. If you come down, continue to jump into handstand until 60sec is up from when you looked at clock.


1 Min at each station
Score is total reps
for the run your score is 100 sec minus the amount of time it took you

1: Single Jump Ropes
2: Hand Release Pushups
3: Mountain Climbers (one rep is both feet)
4: Air Squats
5: 400m Run
6: Rest 1 min

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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