Ok there is a lot to do coming up.

The main thing is that everyone who wants in on NLI in Sept. We have to do qualifying WODS so they can properly place us in the division. We always have a big crew that shows up, and I want as many of us competing as possible. There is an intermediate division for those who are not sure if they can hang with the big dawgs. But like I said, we will do the qualifying WODS, and then we will get placed in a division.

July 29,30,31: 2011 CrossFit Games

-This is the world Championship,… we will all be there to watch the worlds best in Carson, CA

August 20th: Central Coast Clash

-I will not be attending this because I will be competing at WODFEST in Washington during this weekend.

August 20th: WODFEST

-This is at Lake Washington near Seattle, a few of the guys are committed to this, will be fun.

September 10th: Next Level Invitational

-This is the start of a series of competitions. This is one of the main local comps that we all do. It is a series,… so if you plan on eventually competing, throw yourself in now, because they happen about every 3 months.
-We have a month to do the 4 qualifying WODS so look at them and start making sure you are efficient with the movements.



Push Press
-Do 10 GHD situps immediately after completing each Set



Run 100m
10 Deadlifts (155/105)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)

4 min Rest


-13 Pushups
-Rest 40 seconds

crossfit mean streets

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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