Warm Up:

Jog 600m

In no specific order:

20 wallballs (30lbs/20lbs)
20 GHD Back Extension till torso is vertical
20 Pass Throughs
20 Overhead squats
20 Toes to Bar
20 Pullups (kipping, no butterfly, chest to bar if possible)

Strength 1:

Work to 1RM Jerk
-From rack
-Split or push; behind head or in front; but must stay consistent from start to finish

Strength 2:

Work to 1RM squat and back down

Pyramid style, start with sets of reps of 2, then go to 1’s, go to heaviest, then work back down in weight, may increase reps to 3 if you want. Stay HEAVY!
-High Bar
-Bounce out of bottom
-Weight on mid foot


3 Rounds:

3 squat Cleans
6 Front Squats
9 Chest to Bar Pullups

-Choose a weight that is just beyond your perceived ability to straight set.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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