This video explains a little bit about why you should not trust your doctors. The system that educated them, the system that pays them, and the system they promote and live by makes money off the sale of pharamacuticals. Pharamacuticals that stop your body from behaving the way it is designed to. The human body is much more complex than anyone can comprehend. As long as we take care of it the right way it will carry us through a life free from disease and illness. Injesting fat is good for us, and injesting cholesterol is good for us also.

WOD: 4-19-11

5 Rounds

5 Dumbell Deadlifts
5 Dumbell Hang Power Clean
5 Dumbell Front Squats
5 Dumbell Shoulder to Overhead

-You may rest in between rounds, but the round has to completed unbroken and without putting dumbells on the ground.
-Try and get as heavy as you can by the last round

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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