I am 90% sure that the street will be all ours tomorrow. I am going to put some cones up and have a traffic cop direct traffic so that we can outright own Main Street Tomorrow. Because this is not a fore sure thing,… I cannot post the WOD.

But if we are in the street the workout will consist of the usual:

I am thinking something along the lines of:

warm up
strength (deadlifts or snatches)
strength WOD (deadlifts or snatches, and prowlers or tire flips)
Crazy WOD (prowler or tire flips and another barbell movement)
Post WOD (a team wod, or maybe sprints, or more cowbell, i mean prowler)

But I will make up wod depending on how many people are there and if we can conquer the street or not…..

Just like every Sunday, will start at 10am,… and will take 2-3 hours,…. and I guarantee we will have plenty of audience.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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