So today Nina told me that someone called her and asked her “Do you have special pricing for people that, like, work at McDonalds?”. She told me that she went on to tell him to continue working out at 24 hour fitness downtown and just follow our blog, or’s blog….. an answer that I (ronnie teasdale) wouldn’t of given. I would of bitch slapped that guy through the phone.

People in Downtown have commented on this blog many times about how our prices are “too expensive”…. And we have been accused of being “Elitists”….

To that I say: Damn right we are. The question above demonstrates the mentality of people that are not accepted in this gym. The “McDonald’s workers” should have a higher standard for themselves. As we do. Anyone who wants the world to cater to their inefficiencies is someone who is not developed enough to comprehend what goes on inside the walls of this gym.

As I write this, a guy just passed by the gym, in an electric wheel chair. I do not know his name. He does this every day around 5:30. He is wearing a suit and looks like he has purpose. All around the world their are people doing great things with less than optimal circumstances. There is NEVER a reason to make up an excuse. And there is NEVER a reason to expect the world cater to you.

We are more fortunate than ever to have the things we want. There is a wealth of technology, riches, people, information, and love out there. There is no reason to accept the fate you are currently in if you don’t want it.

We are here to overhaul your vehicle to success: your body and mind. We will teach you how to move, how to use, and how to fuel… If you are not able to afford, make time for, or some other reason of why you can’t join this gym: unstuck yourself from the reason and make it happen. In one year of less than 10 dollars a day investment your life will have improved dramatically.

But remember. Just because you sit on the toilet doesn’t mean you take a shit. AND Just because you walk into a gym doesn’t mean you are going to get in shape. It is up to you to make things happen.

WOD 4-8-11


Overhead Squat (95/65)
Turkish Getups (53/35)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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