It was a response to: this post

The Email went something like this:

Just delete my account and, if Mr. Teasdale has any integrity, refund the remaining 10 days of my term ($64.52) to my credit card. Please notify me when you have done this. In the future, I’d suggest putting up a “No Vegetarians” sign so prospective members might not be duped into signing up only to realize later that they are required to share the owner’s world view in order to be welcome at your gym.

It’s an interesting business model. Good luck with it.

And the response:

Nina, please make sure this cancelation goes through.

Rick nobody “duped” you. We all care about your progress, dedicating most of our life energy to you,….and to come to such a conclusion would suggest delusion.

It is very apparent from the website and attitude in gym that we (i) are unwilling to tolerate other viewpoints.

I share my knowledge with vegetarians during my intros, and with the world on my website. Nobody said you weren’t welcome. I have plenty more vegetarians and vegans choosing not to take my diet advice.

Although I hate offending you because you seemed like a really cool guy, and making progress, but I feel no sorrow for your offense and will use your (64.52) to make that sign you suggested.

Ronnie Teasdale

Sooo,… dedicated to the gym by our friend who is no longer with us:

We Eat vegetarians CrossFit Mean Streets Los Angeles ronnie teasdale

We Eat Vegetarians

-Shirts soon to come!

WOD 4-2-11

I went to CrossFit Southbay yesterday and liked the WOD they did:

Static Holds are defined as:
Intermediate =
Handstand Hold = 20 Seconds
Plank or L-Sit = 20 Seconds
Ring hold = 20 Seconds
Handstand (wall or free standing) = 40 Seconds
L-Sit = 40 Seconds
Ring hold = 40 Seconds
Static Holds

Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5)
Wall Ball (20/16)

Static Holds

3 Rounds
40 Double Unders
20 Slam Ball (30/20)

Static Holds

Ground to Overhead (135/95)
Chest to bar Pull-ups

*Rest as long as needed between each mini WOD. Static hold time can be broken up as long as it totals up to the total time. Use running timer and score is total time to complete all three timed pieces of the WOD (only time that counts toward total time is while you are doing actual workouts,… dont time static holds or rest). Static hold form must be PERFECT (yes, perfect).

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles


    • April 1, 2011

    I’m just glad to see the ‘S’ was filled in.

    • April 1, 2011

    Sara, …. I actually had to add the “S”…. can you tell?

    • April 1, 2011

    That is fucking awesome!

    • April 1, 2011


    • April 1, 2011

    Your original post pissed me off too Ronnie.

    I like it better when you offer up information and alternatives that most of us didn’t realize were even available.

    And I think the sign is offensive 😉

    None the less I had a steak for dinner and I’ll be in tomorrow for the WOD. Lol

    • April 1, 2011

    I did notice the addition of the ‘S’ as I didn’t think “We Eat Vegetarian” was the message you wanted to convey.

    • April 2, 2011

    We should buy a cow and keep it in the gym as a symbol of our commitment to meat.

    • April 2, 2011

    can’t wait for the shirts to come in

    • April 2, 2011

    I’m extremely excited about the shirts too!

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