Many people are afraid of animal fat. I recommend different diets to my clients mostly to cater to budgets, and schedule (not sex, goals, or weight,… regardless of the differences of these three differences,… in the beginning: you need basically the same diet). But the diet that will achieve optimal results in terms of how you look feel and perform is one that is high in animal fat.

We evolved to eat the animals. And according to the writings on the wall we were crazy for big fatty animals: Animals such as Wooly Mammoths. We, throughout our hominid history did not prefer lean meats such as birds and rodents.

Modern days the biggest animals we can get ahold of in america are cows, bison, lamb, and pork. And many people are going to the market trying to scrounge for the leanest meats of these animals.

Before I go any furthur I want to state that everything I am talking about applies to grassfed animals. The other stuff in markets are not fed grass, but rather corn, euthanized cats and dogs, newspaper, garbage, wood, and dead animals of the same species. The fat composition of these animals is not the same,… which is part of the reason I would recommend a different diet if someone does not have access to grassfed animals

People opt for the leanest meats because that is what they are taught. They are taught by society, government, their doctors, and the internet. They are taught just like everyone else that fat makes you fat, cholesterol is bad, and to eat low fat high carb diets. Without even making a credible arguement I can disprove this theory by stating if so many people are eating this way why is everyone overweight? Why am I disgusted when I walk into any environment that isn’t a CrossFit Competition and is flooded with average people? Why do most doctors look like the boss from sonic the hedgehog?:

Eat healthy kids!... Don't forget to get your candy on your way out!

So lets talk about animals and our evolution with them.

Here is a link that shows the composition of cuts from cows: Cowskies

And here is the breakdown of the Bison:

As you will notice most of these cuts are not lean cuts. Also steaks only make up 15% of the mix. We should actually be eating the whole carcass. I doubt any starving caveman ate 40% of the “desirable” cuts and just left the rest for the wolves. So keep this in mind when you are ordering meats. Fat is ok, and when you allow fat to be plentifully in your diet you will be eating more of the carcass. Which is not only right, but a sustainable choice. Also most of the other stuff is healthy for you. Liver, heart, bone marrow,…. all does things for your body that eating top sirloin everyday wont.

Ronnie's Lunch for 3-28-11: Bison Testicles

WOD 3-29-11

Overhead Barbell walk 1/3 of Mile (135/95)
-Everytime you drop the bar you do 25 air squats
25 Bear Complexes

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    • March 29, 2011

    Just had my Lindner Bison leftovers from last night. Super good! I highly recommend it (though being a leaner meat). Hollywood Farmers market is where it’s at.

    • April 5, 2011

    Often overlooked disease of affluence: Fad Diets.

    • April 5, 2011

    Eating an animal from snout to tail is a fad diet?

    I would go get checked out if I were you,… Because another disease you may have is missing half a brain.

    It’s really easy to leave a comment without leaving your name isn’t it?

    • April 6, 2011

    Just as easy as it is to sling ad hominems instead of addressing criticism substantively.

    My name is Scott, what difference does it make?

    No, eating animal protein is certainly not a fad diet; suggesting one eat it nearly exclusively day in and day out is.

    A fad diet based on simplistic assumptions and broad generalizations about evolutionary biology while simultaneously disregarding modern nutrition science.

    I’m sure it is not hard to convince people to eat six lbs of bacon for breakfast, do you guys offer Lipitor dosage consultations as well?

    • April 6, 2011

    Well Scott.

    Come back when you have some substance to your arguments. In the meantime,… I will continue converting clients of mine and non clients to this diet. And I will continue receiving text messages, emails, hugs, and gratitude for how I am changing their life…. Stories upon stories of people coming back with perfect blood tests and the “Modern” doctors saying things like “I have never seen anything like this”, “you are the healthiest person I have seen in 20 years”, and “This doesn’t make sense to me”.

    Oh,… and when you join the rest of society and get high cholesterol as you get older, feel free to take lipitor, and die.

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