Warm UP

Use 1 Rower
Roll Out, Stretch, and Do Range of motion drills untill everyone in the class has rowed 1000m on that single rower. Switch out people untill everyone is done (if more than 10 people, 2 rowers can be used)


5 Rounds, max effort 1 minute of each exercise, rest 1 minute after each round:
SDHP (55# KB)
Hang Power Cleans (95#)
KB Swing (55#)
Push Jerk (95#)
KB or DB 1 arm snatch (35 – 45#)


Work to 3RM Back Squat (BS)

Strength WOD:
5 rounds, not timed:
3 x BS @ 90% 3RM
15 x weighted Squat Jumps (65#)
Bear Crawl 50M

Post WOD:

Rowing Sprints 10 x 100M (:15 interval).

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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