Everyone should register to compete in the CrossFit Open. Over 16,000 people all over the world are registered. 6 workouts will be posted over the next 6 weeks to be done with video camera or at a registered affiliate. 1st WOD must be done by Sunday.

The first workout can be done at our gym during these times. Must have a judge,… and will most likely be the coach on schedule.

For the rest of this week these times are available for a coach to judge you:

Fri 6am-10am
Fri 4:30pm-8pm
Sat 10am
Sun 12am

These are the times we have a coach available,… please be warmed up by the time above.

1st WOD of the open is

-30 double unders
-15 Ground to Overhead 75/55lbs

Email admin@crossfitmeanstreets.com for any questions.

Register for open: here. It only cost 10 dollars to take place in this world changing event.

WOD 3-19-11

-30 double unders
-15 Ground to Overhead 75/55lbs

If you did this a few days ago,… try and PR.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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