Average Thursday at CrossFit Mean Streets Downtown Los Angeles from ronnie teasdale on Vimeo.

My buddy Christian is in Afghanistan right now. He asked me to make him a punishing workout…..

Ill shoot you in the Fucking Face!

So here is what I came up with for him:

WOD 3-13-11

Warm UP:

row/run/ski 530m
25 air squats
25 situps/ghd situps
25 back ext/supermans
25 air squats
25 situps/ghd situps
25 back ext/supermans
30 PVC Pass throughs
1 min pigeon stretch each leg
10-15 attempts at going from kneeling to jumping up to your feet.
-cycle through: try broad jumping, doing with weight on your back, and attempting height


Work up to your 3 rep max Thruster

Strength WOD:

Not for Time:

5 Rounds
85% of your 3 RM Thruster X 3
Max Pullups (do at least 20 for guys, 10 for girls)
30 sec each side lunge stretch for quads

Crazy WOD:

For Time:

Put 225/135 on the bar

Back Squat as many times as possible in one minute. Once one minute is up, run 530m. As soon as you get back you have exactly one minute to back squat as many times as possible,… then run again. Continue till you reach 50 squats.

Post WOD:

50 ring pushups

CrossFit mean Streets
Downtown LA

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