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Downtown LA Today:

I usually give these updates on our facebook fanpage(here) but this one was too large to put on the page and I feel like it needs to be read…. I just love downtown:

This is from our client, Aris:

Title: Paint Huffing Bum

So mid-workout, this old toothless bum wanders into the gym, and parks his wheel chair under the pull-up cage. He was wearing what looked like army fatigues and around 10 scarves. Anyways, Nick walked towards him asking if he could help him with something, so the homeless guy grabs a small water bottle and just points at it then points at your desk. I assume Nick thought that he wanted some water or something, and he said he had seen the guy before so he just kinda let him go by.

The homeless guy then sits down in the corner of the gym, pulls out that huge ass can of paint thinner you use to clean graffiti, and fills his water bottle up with it like its no big deal. Then before he closes the can up he reads the side of it for a little while (probably trying to make sure its toxic), sniffs it a few times before putting it away, then just puts the water bottle in his coat pocket like you would a flask and starts walking out. On his way out he gave us a head-nod.

I’m pretty sure he’s blacked out in an alley someplace right now.

I literally love these stories,… keep them coming people!

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Downtown LA's Ricky the Pirate

WOD 3-31-11

7 rounds for time

10 X KB swings (53/35)
10 X KB cleans left arm (53/35)
10 X KB cleans right arm (53/35)
10 X Goblet Squat (53/35)

CrossFit Mean Streets
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Eating the whole Vegetarian

Many people are afraid of animal fat. I recommend different diets to my clients mostly to cater to budgets, and schedule (not sex, goals, or weight,… regardless of the differences of these three differences,… in the beginning: you need basically the same diet). But the diet that will achieve optimal results in terms of how you look feel and perform is one that is high in animal fat.

We evolved to eat the animals. And according to the writings on the wall we were crazy for big fatty animals: Animals such as Wooly Mammoths. We, throughout our hominid history did not prefer lean meats such as birds and rodents.

Modern days the biggest animals we can get ahold of in america are cows, bison, lamb, and pork. And many people are going to the market trying to scrounge for the leanest meats of these animals.

Before I go any furthur I want to state that everything I am talking about applies to grassfed animals. The other stuff in markets are not fed grass, but rather corn, euthanized cats and dogs, newspaper, garbage, wood, and dead animals of the same species. The fat composition of these animals is not the same,… which is part of the reason I would recommend a different diet if someone does not have access to grassfed animals

People opt for the leanest meats because that is what they are taught. They are taught by society, government, their doctors, and the internet. They are taught just like everyone else that fat makes you fat, cholesterol is bad, and to eat low fat high carb diets. Without even making a credible arguement I can disprove this theory by stating if so many people are eating this way why is everyone overweight? Why am I disgusted when I walk into any environment that isn’t a CrossFit Competition and is flooded with average people? Why do most doctors look like the boss from sonic the hedgehog?:

Eat healthy kids!... Don't forget to get your candy on your way out!

So lets talk about animals and our evolution with them.

Here is a link that shows the composition of cuts from cows: Cowskies

And here is the breakdown of the Bison:

As you will notice most of these cuts are not lean cuts. Also steaks only make up 15% of the mix. We should actually be eating the whole carcass. I doubt any starving caveman ate 40% of the “desirable” cuts and just left the rest for the wolves. So keep this in mind when you are ordering meats. Fat is ok, and when you allow fat to be plentifully in your diet you will be eating more of the carcass. Which is not only right, but a sustainable choice. Also most of the other stuff is healthy for you. Liver, heart, bone marrow,…. all does things for your body that eating top sirloin everyday wont.

Ronnie's Lunch for 3-28-11: Bison Testicles

WOD 3-29-11

Overhead Barbell walk 1/3 of Mile (135/95)
-Everytime you drop the bar you do 25 air squats
25 Bear Complexes

CrossFit Mean Streets
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Why we crave sweets, and why carbohydrates make humans FAT

CrossFit Mean Streets in Downtown News

The Reclassification of Sugar as a Drug

We must start thinking of food as a drug. It isn’t the calories that matter, what matters is the effect our diet has on how our bodies operate.


Ok,… so I believe that we should listen to our cravings,…. because the body knows best right? So why do sugary products taste so good to us? And if they taste good shouldn’t we be eating them?

To answer this lets explore the original source of sugar: FRUIT

Let me explain how we evolved with fruit. Back hundreds of thousands,… if not millions of years ago.

Fruit blooms and ripens for only a few weeks out of the year. This happens right before the coldness and scarcity of winter. We evolved* to crave the sweetness of fruit, therefore eating as much as possible during these vital weeks. Because we ate tons of fruit it would put us in a pre-diabetic state, and fattening us up.

This extra fat on our bodies would work for at least two purposes for us,… it helped keep us warm through winter,… and in times where food was unavailable it served as a source of energy for our bodies. This served us well. We would emerge in the spring ready to hunt the animals who would be waking up from hibernation. Allowing us to live on another season eating our preferred food: animals.

The problem is, is that eating all that animal meat, fat, brain, marrow, and organs made us in to an intelligent life form. Our intelligence got so enhanced that we started making things “easier” for ourselves. We started farming, agriculture, superstores, fast food, vending machines etc…. Through the evolution of our wits we have created a virtual reality where there is no winter. We have access to the same food all year round,… which means we have access to fruits all year round. On top of that we have new foods that are processed. Which is just like fruit, except already digested and containing no nutrients.

So, if you eat sugars, even fruit, every single day of the year,… your body is hard wired to store those calories as fat,… among other things like insulin spikes which are also very unhealthy. Sugar is responsible for making us fat,… end of story.

*The way evolution works is simple. Lets use the example of fruit and human kind above. If there was a group of animals that came across a fruit tree before winter, there would be a spectrum of the tastes of the group. Some would crave the sugar, some wouldn’t like it. If the animals lived in a cold climate, those that really craved the sugar and ate it would be at an advantage going into the winter. Those who didn’t have a taste for sugar wouldn’t eat the fruit, and would be at a disadvantage going into the winter. So through thousands of years the animals who craved sugars would be the ones who lived, and the others would die.

WOD 3-28-11


Run 1 mile
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 800 meters
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 1 Mile

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Matthew T. Abbate, 26, of Honolulu, Hawaii, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Pendleton, California, was killed on December 2, 2010, while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Stacie Rigall, son Carson, mother Karen Binion, father Salvatore Abbate, and siblings Dominica Abbate, Elliot Abbate, Valerie Binion, and Kelly Binion.

CrossFit Mean Streets
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Sunday MASS

Warm UP

4 Rounds

Run 1/3 mile
1 rope climb
15 wallballs


Work to 1RM Push Press

Strength WOD:

5 Rounds

3 X 80% 1RM Push Press
15 Toes to Bar
20 Sledge Hammer

Timed WOD:

300 double Unders
50 X Alt Grasshopper Pushup, Alt T pushup*
Walk on hands 20m

Post WOD:

10 minutes shoulder/chest mobility

*Here are videos of the pushups, although our standards will be better:

-So you will do grasshopper left, grasshopper right, t left, t right

CrossFit Mean Streets
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Concept 2 and Med Balls

Rowing Techinique

From Concept 2:
The Rowing Stroke

The rowing stroke can be divided into two parts: The drive and the recovery.
You will learn a coordinated movement pattern built upon the following positions and phases:

The Recovery (Phase 1)
Extend your arms until they straighten.
Lean your upper body forward to the one o’clock position.
Once your hands and the oar handle have cleared your knees, allow your knees to bend and gradually slide the seat forward on the monorail.

The Catch (Position 1)
Arms are straight; head is neutral; shoulders are level and not hunched.
Upper body is at the one o’clock position—shoulders in front of hips.
Shins are vertical and not compressed beyond the perpendicular.
Balls of the feet are in full contact with the footplate.

The Drive (Phase 2)
With straight arms and while maintaining the position of the upper body at one o’clock, exert pressure on the foot plate and begin pushing with your legs.
As your legs approach straight, lean the upper body back to the eleven o’clock position and draw the hands back to the lower ribs in a straight line.

The Finish (Position 2)
Legs are extended and handle is held lightly at your lower ribs.
Upper body is at the eleven o’clock position—slightly reclined with good support from your core muscles.
Head is in a neutral position.
Neck and shoulders are relaxed, and arms are drawn past the body with flat wrists.
The drive is the work portion of the stroke; the recovery is the rest portion that prepares you for the next drive. The body movements of the recovery are essentially the reverse of the drive. Blend these movements into a smooth continuum to create the rowing stroke.

WOD 3-26-11

Teams of two compete to be the first to accomplish the following back and forth movements:
Use the 20# ball for guys and the 14# ball for girls.

■50 – 1 Arm thrusts – (25 each partner) Throw Med Ball back and forth, catch and throw with one arm
■Row 250M each partner (500M total) 1 rower per team
■50 – Rotations – back and forth (25 each partner) (backs touching, twist to revolve ball to partner)
■Row 250M each partner (500M total) 1 rower per team
■50 – Burpee and ball throws – back and forth (25 each partner) (do pushup on ball and stand up and throw to partner’s chest, then partner goes)
■Row 250M each partner (500M total) 1 rower per team
■50 – Sit-up throws – 25 each person one at a time (situp and throw ball as you are coming up, partner catches as going back down)
■Row 250M each partner (500M total) 1 rower per team
■50 – Wall Balls – 25 each person one at a time (switch partners EVERY Rep, partner will catch ball you threw in a squat)
■Row 250M each partner (500M total) 1 rower per team
■50 – Med Ball Slams – 25 each person one at a time (switch partners EVERY Rep, partner will catch ball you threw in a squat)
■Row 250M each partner (500M total) 1 rower per team

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Crossfit Los Angeles

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Crossfit Los Angeles Forges Elite Athletes!!!

Crossfit Los Angeles strives to forge elite athletes out of ALL their crossfit attendees. Crossfit specializes in constantly varied high intensity functional movement. People always ask, “what did you just say???” You know you experiencing those words would better help you relate and comprehend them. Come down to Crossfit Los Angeles and see for yourself, all the trainers are professional and friendly with years of experience and knowledge. Not to mention that most of the coaches compete in crossfit competitions in locally and nationally.

Crossfit Los Angeles – Growth

Crossfit Los Angeles helps you grow mentally, physically and become more driven. It is proven that exercise helps the body and soul grow, thrive and stay young. At crossfit los angeles you will experience these traits at a whole new level. “How??” is what you may be asking yourself, well you will have to come down to the box and check out a class for yourself;-) There is no time to waste here. If you feel like you have hit a plateau at your regular gym then its time for the change you have been asking yourself if it is really out there. Sort of like Neo in the Matrix movie, realizing there was something wrong and he just needed Morpheous to show him the truth. Crossfit Los Angeles can help you see a whole new world that is just one step in front of you. You will never be bored again and you will always be striving to get better which transposes into your daily life, which then benefits those around you too.

Crossfit Los Angeles Constantly Changing

Like this world and our lives it is constantly changing and at Crossfit Los Angeles helps you better adapt to this because every workout is different in some way. Constantly varied so you never hit a plateau and you are always challenged. Crossfit is the sport of fitness by reintroducing personal athletic achievement and performance to training. The main focus of every workout is the move with efficiency, get stronger, move faster and improve form. Crossfit Los Angeles athletes continue to change and improve over time. Come on down to Crossfit Mean Streets and talk to anyone of our croffiters and see for yourself. Better yet come take a free class at crossfit los angeles and see for yourself;-) You are always welcome and to come take a free intro class and experience, constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement type of workout.

Please refer to crossfit for more information about this great sport created by Greg Glassman.

All the Best,
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