There will be a significant schedule change happening next week.

The morning schedule will be more of an open gym type: from 6am-10am.

There will be a coach on deck, and you will have to follow the coaches orders. This is open gym in terms of when you can show up,… not on what to do inside the gym. Everyone will still be doing the workout of the day,… everyone will be forced to warm up,… everyone will be forced to go over whatever the coach determines is necessary.

We are going to allow you to show up anytime from 6am-9am. And plan on being here for at least an hour. We are not doing this so you can be in and out any quicker. In fact it will allow for more time for you guys to warm up and work on skill sets.

This will start next monday. Of course there will be days where you may have to work out alone rather than in a class(if nobody shows up at the time you do),… if you want to workout with other people, exchange numbers and plan on showing up at the same times.

I (Ronnie Teasdale) will also be hosting a class during the middle of the day starting soon. This will take place probably on mon-wed-fri mid day… I will most likely work out with the classes,… and wont be giving much structured coaching. This will be more like open gym than the morning classes. Everyone will have to show up during the scheduled times,… but we will not be doing the Workout of the Day,… we will take it day by day,… with no plan or commitment to how the class will be ran. I just want to remain in front of people giving advice,… so this is my way of doing it. I haven’t figured out the details,.. but I will let you all know when I finalize my decision on this.

WOD 2-8-11

Coaches Warm up,… then:

Strength stuff:

Work up to 1RM Weighted Ring Dip

Work up to 5RM Back Squat
add weight and do 3 reps Back Squat
add weight and do 1 rep Back Squat

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA


    • February 7, 2011

    I, for one, am ecstatic for a mid day class. Works better for me sometimes.

    • February 8, 2011

    Me too! I can’t wait!

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