By Stacey H.

I recently worked with a patient – a 45-year-old man with a disease that initially paralyzed him, but has been relenting… now giving him control of most of his muscles and allowing him to walk 20 feet with a walker and two ankle braces before becoming intolerably exhausted. As sad as this may already sound – having lost the ability to help his wife carry groceries, walk his daughter down the aisle, or ever play soccer with his grandchildren, the ironic thing is, the last thing he pities is himself. Instead, he pities YOU. You, that pities him for not being physically able to fully live life, while you with the ability to do so, chooses not to. You, with “the DIS-ability to contribute to society” as a result of your laziness and ignorance. You, “the consumer of our tax-payer dollars.” You, that “simply exists in the face of everyone else’s success.” And you, that doesn’t appreciate life enough to advocate for yourself and realize that “each day wasted is a day closer to death”. In my mind, the “you” he describes takes the form of the stereotypical American that feeds into weakness, is sick, and content with the same monotonous daily routine, living and carrying out life with no purpose or passion.

Don’t mock this man’s ultimate goal of “returning to normalcy” by taking for granted what you are blessed to still have, what he has been stripped of, what his frail body fights for everyday, and what you are capable of retrieving and even exceeding. Do what he no longer can. Do more than what you’ve been. Give more than you have. Fight for a fulfilling life.

You don’t have to change the world – just yourself. Contribute to an environment conducive to the purpose, seek and share knowledge and encouragement, surpass your thresholds, and take pride in yourself to become your own success story. These are simple tasks that are applicable to any and all areas of life…starting with the gym. Always come to Mean Streets bringing your max effort and intensity, consume the coaches’ teachings and better yourself, thrive off of each other’s energy, and empower each other to overcome your most threatening competitor – yourself.

He left me inspired, and with many pearls, the most influential being… “We are not hardwired to jump off a cliff, or walk into the abyss… instead we have faith.” Use it frequently and use it wisely.

WOD 2-5-11

February Pain Storm:

Five 2 minute rounds with 2 – 5 minutes rest between rounds.

In each round, at the top of each minute do 5 burpees. Then in the remaining time, accumulate as many thruster reps as possible.

So 5 burpees to start, then thrusters for the rest of the first minute, 5 burpees then thrusters for the rest of the 2nd minute, then rest.

Rx load is 135lb/ 95lb.

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