Although we do have these types of people in the gym. I am unable to give vegetarians diet advice. I cannot make it fit, so I simply hit a wall when I try and dispense any help.

I usually am convinced the person will not change no matter what I have to say,… so I never get far enough to say the following to them,… but just so it is out there here it is:

Yes vegetarians,… we were once vegetarians.

The fact that you lead with this statement is proof that your conclusion of: “so the best thing for our bodies is plants”, is wrong.

Our body has no natural killing abilities. We do not come with venom, big teeth, or massive claws. The foundation of our body is that of a herbivore. BUT we are no longer.

Lets make a list of common animals that are vegetarians:


…I can’t think of anymore,… focused on other stuff.

Anyways,… these things have a lot of things in common,… but lets focus on one for now. It’s called a ginormous stomach. They are huge in the belly, foliage is hard to process and it takes a big machine to process it. This machine is very powerful, and is filled with tons of body processes that include chemical, muscular, hormonal, and neurological work to finish the job. The digestive system is a very demanding machine….

Now, I have never done this,… but I imagine spending the day with one of these animals would involve just sitting around and watching it eat all day. Chomp Chomp Chomp,… rest to digest,…. Chomp Chomp Chomp,….rest to digest and so on and so on….

They have to eat all day just to get the proper amounts of nutrients and calories out of the grass and stuff they eat. Also they need to eat constantly, because the digestive system used to break down the food needs energy. An extremely large amount of energy. So they eat way extra to have enough power to run there massive machines of stomachs.

At some point there was a variables that allowed our ancestors to start eating to meat. This adaptation would prove be the gateway to our intelligent life form.

At first we sucked at hunting. We had no way of catching and killing prey. The solution to this would be to go for the scraps….. Let me explain what were “the scraps”.

So Imagine a few lions kill a hippo. Its a pretty big kill, but there are a lot of lions. They fight over who eats first,… but it is always the biggest lions who get to feed until they are full. And then the betas go in for the left overs. Lions have evolved to have really rough tongues for scraping meat off of bone. So the smallest of the tribe can still go in and lick all of the bones clean. Every thing is eaten, and after the last lion leaves what is left is a dry carcass.

Now is the time that the newly evolved meat eaters would come out from their hiding places with stones in their hands. They would approach the kill and start busting open the bones. The predators could not get to the bone marrow and brain matter, so it was all left for us to enjoy. And we did this for a very very long time. Probably hundreds of thousands of years.

Bone marrow and brain matter are both super fatty and a very high source of DHA. Both are stimulates to brain growth. So while we are eating most of our food from these sources two things are happening:

-Our digestive system is getting smaller, which is freeing up energy for us, allowing us to eat less and get more out of it.
-Our brains are growing at a rapid rate. Because of the new energy we are allowed to have a giant brain that would grow to surpass all other animals on this planet.

So just like the picture shows: As we shrunk our bellies we were able to stand more and more upright,… also getting smarter, and going on to create better ways of hunting, and living.

So if it wasn’t for the fact that we eat meat we would still be crawling around the forest floor picking bugs off each others head.

So every time one of my clients, or potential clients comes up to me and says “I don’t like the taste of meat”, or “eating animals grosses me out”,… or “I am vegetarian for health” this is what goes through my head:

I already knew that based on how soft and sickly you look
You probably get sick at least once a month
You should be dead
I wonder how long this person has subjected them self to this
I wish I could help you but I am not even going to try more than 30 sec

So I try for 30 sec. I lead with sharing the fact that I was vegan for a year once. I did everything right. I studied everything and ate just as perfectly as I know how to do know…. and it is not the way. If the person trusts me they ask more questions,… if they follow up with some form of “why”,… then I let them be. I tell them I can’t suggest anything(accept a fair warning about soy and grains) because I think its wrong. They will eventually figure it out,… or die. But fact is, no vegetarian is going to last in our gym for long,… so I don’t waste the time.

More on “how eating meat actually has the same “nutrients” as plants do” to come.


CrossFit Total 2:

Clean, 1 rep
Bench press, 1 rep
Overhead squat, 1 rep

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