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Sat and Sunday I (Ronnie) will be going to Valley CrossFit for a Bartenders seminar. It is Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm. The cost is 100 dollars for both days.

If you do not know who the Bartenders are check out this video:

Here is the promo for the event:

Email if you want to roll up there there with me.

WOD 3-1-11

Front Squat


PR Time!

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

For those of you who do not know the Sport of CrossFit:

Watch this Video: 2010 CrossFit Games Recap

I played hockey almost everyday of my life for 23 years. It was #1 in my life above all things. I quit immediately when I found CrossFit. This sport is greater than any game you can play. Get interested, get awesome, and start competing.

WOD 2-22-11


5 Parallette Hand Stand Pushups (RX would be head touching the ground)
10 GluteHam Raises (knee should be bent at 90 degrees at top)
15 Medicine Ball Squat Cleans from the groud 30lbs/20lbs

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

Contrary to Science and History,… Fat Dietitians everywhere still recommend grains and dairy

Hmmm…. which experts are you supposed to listen to,… The people who look like they can save a whole village from a burning forest by carrying them all up a mountain to safety,… or the fat dietician?????

Video: here

WOD 2-21-11

Start a clock.

1st minute do 1 Overhead Squat then finish minute off with burpees
2nd minute do 2 Thrusters then finish minute off with burpees
3rd minute do 3 Jerks then finish minute off with burpees
4th minute do 4 Power Cleans then finish minute off with burpees

Continue the sequence untill you have reached 100 burpees.

RX for men is 135lbs
RX for Ladies is 95lbs

Times to Beat:

Peter D. 7:45
Victor C. 9:00
Ronnie T. 10:45
Aris G. 11:55

CrossFit Mean Streets downtown la los angeles

This is Aris

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA