For those of you who want to increase how painful a workout is. Get an elevation mask. You can choose between breathing out of one,two, or three holes the size of a BB. It sucks and you feel like you are going to die. The UPS guy delivered mine right as I was finishing my warm up,… So I decided to try it on,…. it takes all the will power in the world to not take this thing off as I was searching for oxygen…..

Ronnie Teasdale gets his ass kicked -first time elevation Mask from ronnie teasdale on Vimeo.

The good thing was, that I experienced a pleasure I have never experienced before…. taking off the mask and being able to breath. It was awesome.

Those of you competing on Sat, start tapering down. The WODs are posted on UTC CrossFit Challenge. If you have any weaknesses do some skill work to tune it up.

WOD 1-27-11

3 Rounds

1000m Row
30 95/65lbs squat cleans
30 burpees

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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