We are doing three intro classes this week as opposed to the regular two.

Tues: 10am
Wed: 9pm
Fri: 7pm

Intro classes are free and are open to anyone. Intros are the first step to finding out information about what it is like to train at CrossFit Mean Streets. We will go over what it is we do, teach you some movements, and do a workout. If you would like to come you can come to any of the three above. Bring water and dress to move.


Prices are going up by 50% on Saturday the 15th. If you are a member before then, you can lock in the cheaper prices.

Monday WOD:

Back Squats:

Women start with the Bar, Men start with 135lbs.

Do sets of 5 with 2 minutes rest in between each set. Every set add 20lbs. Continue untill failure. If you complete less than 6 sets, work your way down to your starting weight by reducing weight by 20lbs each set. If you do more than 6 rounds,… do not work your way back down. This may be done with partners.

"crossfit mean streets"

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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